The Fox Revived – Dog Friendly Pub In Norwood Hill

The Fox Revived – Dog Friendly Pub In Norwood Hill

Being a doggie parent I am alway keen to ensure they get included in our outings where possible

When I was told about a dog friendly pub not too far from home, I was keen to try it out

With the weather being so fantastic this weekend, it was as good a time as any to check out The Fox Revived in Surrey


The exact date the building was made has yet to be pinpointed however, it first appeared on a census in 1881. So we can assume the history goes back even further

It was formally known as The Fox Inn, before it was closed down and revived. I like what they did there with the name

Situated at a cross road in Norwood Hill, the pub is surrounded by countryside and woodlands.  Close by is a well known road called Horsehill, which used to be a main road from London to Brighton, before the A217 was made


Life all centres around the bar, just as you would expect in a pub. With a host of comfy arm chairs to sit upon whilst you gaze into the fire. If you are more inclined to hang around the bar area, there are a number of stalls to perch on too

Being there on a glorious Summer’s day, we opted to take a seat in the garden area. An impressive view of Box Hill and the North Downs can be seen to the North of the gardens

The seating area is scattered with quad and family size tables, all with parasols. You would  be easily accommodated to if you were a large family planning on eating there too

The garden upkeep and presentation is glorious. Shrubbery and potted plants accentuate the grounds impeccably


Lets talk about the menu

We were there to have lunch. A late lunch granted, but being the weekend it was still lunch

There was a selection of sandwiches and light bites on the menu. Some of the concoctions you would expect to find at a gastro pub . That is obviously not a complaint but applause to the creativity of the chefs

fish finger sandwich on a wooden table in a pub

Fish Finger Sandwich – the home made tartare sauce was incredible. There were also more chips in the side bowl than this picture would lead you to believe

rump steak sandwich on a wooden table in a pub

Rump Steak Sandwich – perfectly cooked steak with an abundance of accompanying flavours


The general atmosphere is a very much a family vibe. Which was great and we felt very included

We were welcomed by a member of staff as we walked through to the garden and found ourselves a table. A serving waitress shortly made her way over to take our drinks order. The food menu was also given to us and we read through as we waited for our drinks to come out to us

The dogs were also catered to which was nice. We were asked if we wanted water for them as well, and a bowl of fresh water was bought over and put by our table

dogs drinking out of a water bowl in a rural surroundings

The Fox Revived – Dog Friendly Pub In Norwood Hill Buddy and Molly enjoying a drink from a water bowl they supply

If you are local to The Fox Revived, passing through Horley or even need a pit stop between London and Brighton, you will be pleased you stopped here

There is also a loyalty scheme here too if you buy meals regularly. Collect 6 vouchers and get £12 off a main meal, a nice little extra incentive to pay them another visit


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