When Businesses Say “You’re Welcome” and Really Mean It

Source: Pexels There are undoubtedly many reasons to question the effects of social media, but there’s one thing we can certainly thank it for. Businesses that do well and go the extra mile for us know that they’re going to be praised online – and…

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How To Wear A Face Mask Safely

How to wear your face mask safely Whilst we are going through this Global Pandemic, the government has asked us to help with stopping the spread of Covid-19 This is by wearing a face mask when inside at public places Shops, banks and take away…

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3 Reasons To Groom Your Dog

Here are 3 reasons to groom your dog Whether you have a large dog or small dog. Whether you have a long haired dog or a short haired dog. All dogs can benefit from being groomed by their owners Each fur or hair type will…

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Tidying Up After The End Of A Relationship

Image Credit When relationships end, things can get rough. You may not feel yourself for a while. Sometimes, this can culminate in harmful experiences or emotional damage that persists and must be unwound in a professional environment. That being said, there’s no reason why the…

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9 Important Things To Consider When Starting A Business

If you’re at the stage where you’re considering starting up your own business, it can feel a mixture of pure excitement and dreading the unknown. There can be many pitfalls that can catch you out, so here are some tips to think about before you…

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