The Importance Of Being Self Hosted When Blogging

I have talked you through how to set up your blog and now let me explain the importance of being self hosted when blogging

You can make a free website with Blogger which is owned by Google just so you know, and with WordPress, but if you are looking to make an income from your blog you will need to be self hosted

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This is to gain your own domain authority score, which is where you appear in the google ranks

If you look at this as an investment, you have complete control over your blog and you can make all the decisions and ultimately make money from it too

You never know when somewhere like Blogger or the free WordPress will change their terms and conditions leaving you

By having your own self hosted website and domain name, you make the rules. It means that you can have any of your own advertisements, affiliate links, direct advertising, sponsored posts appearing in your blog

It is possible to earn money with free websites, however it really is pretty cheap and quick to go self hosted. If you are looking to earn an income then you can decide how

You also look more professional to both readers and companies wanting to work with you when you are self hosted.


I currently have my hosting through a company called TSO Host, who have been very easy to work with and so far no issues

Plus I only pay £3.59 per month for it, this price also includes VAT

They have kindly given me an affiliate code to promote to new potential sign ups.

If you use WOT10 you will get 10% off

There are a number of hosting packages and you can use my code on all of them




It is time to start signing up for some of the services you will need

The first one you need to register for is Google Analytics. This is going to tell you how many people are visiting your blog

It is good to know your stats for when you speak to potential sponsorships

It will also tell you where your readers are coming from, as well as lots of useful information

Google Analytics is free to use and really easy to set up

Register for Google Analytics here 

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