What Is a DA Score And Why It Is Important

Have you heard the words DA Score used, and wondered what it is and why it’s important?

DA or Domain Authority Score is a search engine ranking score

It ranks from one through to a hundred

The higher your score, the greater your sites ability to rank in searches, searches being the likes of Google and Bing

Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors with in your site

Domain age will have an impact on your score, if you are new to blogging or have just purchased a new domain name, your DA score will be one

This is perfectly normal do not worry, it will only improve from here on

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Factors such as linking root domains and the number of total links. This is then put into one single DA score which can then be used to compare websites

Which for a blogger it will be really important to have as highest score possible, to compare against other bloggers

Links that refer back, and link back to your own content on another post, are known as inbound links. This is also a really good way of drawing readers attention to other posts. It will keep them on your site for longer reading more of your content

External links to others sites or blogs, ensure you always set them to open in a new window. This eliminates the possibility of you reader getting distracted, and not returning to read the rest of your content on that post

Ensure all your links work, do not have broken links on your site


Images you upload on to your blog will also contribute to your overall domain authority score

Do not leave images with out titles

Alternative text, shortened as Alt text should never be let blank

Uploaded images will upload with the title they were saved as before being uploaded

For example: img_1234

Change it to something relevant once it has been uploaded, as this is all relevant to your site navigation

Your Score

From a blogging point of view, some opportunities are dependent on having a higher domain authority. Which is why we went self hosted in the first place, to get these opportunities

You may have seen requests which state DA20+, which means you need a DA over 20 to even be considered

This is why having a higher ranking site, therefore a higher DA score is important

This sounds like quite a jump especially if you are only just starting and you score is one. Your score will be recalculated periodically and can jump up multiple numbers

If you want to check your domain authority, you can do so here

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Domain Authority Score

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