How to take your blog to the next level with WordPress

If you read my blog post How To Start Blogging For Free and you are interested in how to make a blog with WordPress. This should help get you there and take your blog to the next level

Firstly, to take your blog to the next level, and by this I mean go self hosted and own a space of the internet.

I use a company called TSO Host and so far have been great. I also have a discount code WOT10 which will get you 10% off hosting if you choose to use it

By going self hosted your blog does not have .wordpress in it’s name, it will be or whichever you chose when you bought it

When you go self hosted it enables you to build up your blogs DA score (domain authority), which is pretty important when it comes to your blog being seen in search engines

Your DA score is also important when it comes to working with brands or advertisers in the future, if that is your intention

Next Steps

Once you have your domain and your hosting, you will need to install the WordPress function, this is usually a click of a button

I used an amazing free online video tutorial by WP Beginner which I recommend taking a look at, you will thank me later for this link


When you log into WordPress you will be presented with the Dash board area, this is your home page and gives you a brief over view of your site

The left hand side it what you use to customise the way your site looks, I suggest starting off my looking through the themes. You do not need to use the WordPress themes however, they are free and to get you started you might not want to pay for a theme, you can always change the theme at a later stage

Use the search bar to look for something relevant to your blog or a style you like, and click install and then activate for your site to change

It will change instantly

Further Changes

The next most important change would be the site name, this is where you put the name of your blog

You can work your way down the list of customisable options in the header, you can see these changes in real time in the display screen. However, none of the changes will go live until you click at the top of the menus, Save and Publish

Remember you do not have to get it perfect first time round, you can always go back a tweak or completely change something you are not quite happy with

Test each one of the headers and see what changes they make and remember to hit Save & Publish when you are happy with it

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