How to start blogging for free

Having since set up my blog I have been asked by a number of people how to start blogging for free


So I thought it would be a good idea to help explain how to get set up

Firstly, your blogging ideas, what do you intend to write about

It could worth starting with a brain storm of topics or fields that you feel you could passionately write about

Once you have this list of ideas, try making sub-lists that could fall under each initial category

For example: You want to write about fitness as one of your ideas, then your subcategories could be the different ways to keep fit

This can then be explored further by writing about tried and tested ways,  hobbies and personal experiences are also a great way to add more familiarity and personality to a your blog posts

Having a list of possible blog posts ready before you launch is a great way to hit the ground running

Choose your blog name

It is your blog, therefore you can call it whatever you want. The only things you need to consider are whether there are any trademark infringements on the name you are intending to use.  Copyright on branding is there for a reason and you can legally be made to change the name of your blog if you decide to use a name or brand this is already established

Gucci Girl or Sainsburys Sally are examples of names that could get you in trouble as Gucci and Sainsburys are already familiar brands 

The only other thing you might want to consider is the ease of remembering the name of your blog, this is for your audience as you want them to be able to remember what you are called to come back and read your posts

You can use your own name or referencing the content of your blog within its name

You can also be completely anonymous or blog under an alias, the choice is yours as it is your blog

How to host your blog

For your writing to be made visible to the world wide web you need to have hosting, this is a third party that lets you display your content within their platform

The 2 most commonly used free blog hosting platforms are:

Blogger and WordPress

Take a look at both of them and see which one you feel more comfortable with using, as they are free you have no committal period to either of them

My blog uses WordPress and I prefer there extra design functionalities I have to be able to create my blog posts

Also, if you start off with WordPress and decide you want to take your blog to the next level and own a small piece of the internet, you can buy your domain name, and this means make your blog .com or, there are a few more options but those are the most common, rather than

What to do next

You have your list of ideas, you have your blog name and you also have your blog hosting set up…you write your first blog post and publish it

If you make any mistakes on your text or script it can be fixed, every blog post can be amended and or even deleted if you want it to be

The internet wont break by writing or creating something that isn’t perfect, after all who wants to be perfect

Good luck with your blog and check back for more updates

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