5 Ways To Make Money Blogging

I am going to explain 5 ways to make money blogging in today’s post

Having been a blogger for a number of years now, a question I tend to get ask is how I make money from blogging

People seem to be really shocked to know that for a lot of people, blogging brings in a substantial full time income. A few friends of mine have left their employed full time jobs to follow their blogging career

You really can make good money from writing for your own online space



These are all tried and tested ways I use to make money

Display Ads

This was the first money I ever made with my blog through Google ads

Granted it was only pennies and since then I still haven’t made loads. But every month it adds up, and once the payout threshold is reached they make me a payment

There is also Medianet who pay for display ads. Much like Google ads it takes a while to amount to enough to get a pay out, but it all adds up

The ultimate goal with all bloggers who use display ads should be to sign up to Mediavine. Now the difference with Mediavine is that you need to have at least 50,000 sessions each month to apply. But they pay a considerable amount more for their display ads than anyone else I know of

Sponsored Content

When a brand or company sponsors your content they will pay you a fee. The content could consist of a whole blog post, a few lines and or links to their sites. It will vary from sponsorship to sponsorship depending on requirements

The majority of the sponsored content I host are whole blog posts. A company or brand will approach me directly, usually via email and ask me if I will publish their pre-written post for a fee

There are also sponsored posts where you write the content. Get Blogged have campaigns you can apply for where you write the content and they pay you for writing and host it. The higher your DA score the more you are paid for this type of sponsorship

Affiliate Links

These are links to products or brands which you written about which result in a sale. So 1 of your readers have bought an item you recommended. The link is unique to you so would have been allocated to you by a company previously hence how they allocate your commission for the sale

I have only signed up to 3 different affiliate networks Amazon associates, Awin and Skimlinks

Awin was the first platform I started using and I got to grips with that before I applied to the others

It is advisable to only recommend a company, brand or product which you have used and do genuinely feel is worth promoting in this way. I wouldn’t ever promote something I wouldn’t buy and use myself


This I feel is different to display ads because you are choosing what you are promoting

With display ads you have no control over what adverts your readers are shown. But with adverts you decide what they see

I sell space on my home page where a company can place a logo or image of a brand, and a click through link to their site. This I sell on a monthly or yearly basis but you set your own rates and can dictate how you want to charge for such

Guest Posts

If you enjoy writing, you could write for another site

Some other blogs and websites want new voices to be heard within their content. The fee to pay other bloggers to guest post can be very handsome

This is good promotion for your own brand as well as the site you would be guest posting for. I ask to make sure my own blog is linked back to when they publish my writing

Go for it

If you are considering starting a blog, I really must stress the importance of going self-hosted. If you are in it for the long haul and want to make a career from your brand

I have a whole section on blogging within my site which could be of help

Hopefully these 5 ways to make money blogging has given you some motivation

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  1. 18/09/2020 / 14:20

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have just started to earn from my blog, so found this really informative. Thanks for sharing.

    01/11/2020 / 12:17

    Had no idea you could even make money blogging so found this article really interesting

  3. 13/11/2020 / 05:17

    I’ve already heard some of the ways to make money that you’ve mentioned above from a friend of mine but I did not try it yet. However, I might try it this time because I was literally convinced this time by your blog. Thanks for this very informative article 🙂
    Anna C recently posted…Is Self-Publishing Books Through Amazon A Good Idea?My Profile

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