The Pumpkin Spice Flavour Craze

Pumpkin Spice flavourings have been more of a new craze in relation to how long it has actually been used

Coffee lovers in the late 1990’s started the trend of the pumpkin spice

However, it wasn’t until 2003 when Starbucks introduced this flavour to their coffee line

Since then the pumpkin spice flavour craze has just taken off like wildfire

The Pumpkin Spice Flavour Craze 📌

a huge pile of pumpkins for decorative purposes


Pumpkin spice can be referenced to in cookbooks going back as far as the 1890’s so it isn’t as new as most might think

It is thanks to coffee lovers that this delicious flavour has become so popular again


The Flavour

Like most recipes there can be slightly different versions of the pumpkin spice found

The one I know and use in my baking is made up of 4 different spices

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Ginger
  3. Cloves
  4. Nutmeg

The addition to that, allspice is another spice I have commonly seen used


Pumpkin spice doesn’t actually contain any pumpkin. The spice is to enhance the flavours of the pumpkin when cooking with them

As Pumpkins are ready for harvest in Autumn, this is when they will start to be used for cooking. You can buy tinned pumpkin all year round just incase you hadn’t seen it in shops before

For many the pumpkin spice trend is a welcome treat, and enjoy the association of the flavour with the time of year

The association brings a lot of happy memories as well as the prosperous outlook on the months to come. The smell of the spices bring on these emotions rather than the taste itself

Pumpkin spice has become such a favourite with coffee lovers it is used in other foods too. The traditional pumpkin pie bake has been adapted into so many more delicious sweet and savoury recipes

You can even find pumpkin spice beer, liquors and breakfast cereals to name a few

I am planning to be a bit more creative this year as knowing these 5 health benefits of a pumpkin, I feel I can use it a lot more

Let me know if you enjoy the pumpkin spice flavour. Do you make certain meals or snacks using a pumpkin?


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