5 Health Benefits Of A Pumpkin

Around this time of year pumpkins are becoming popular, and the health benefits of a pumpkin are impressive

The pumpkin is an orange winter squash we associate with this time of year mainly because of Halloween and the traditions that come with it

We typically know pumpkin as a vegetable but actually its a fruit as it has seeds

This versatile food can be used adapted to both sweet and savoury recipes

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A close up of a load of pumpkins piled together

5 Health Benefits

Healthy SkinVitamins C and E can both be found in Pumpkin as well as beta-carotene. Vitamin C helps our bodies heal and repair themselves, including skin cuts and grazes. Vitamin E works with Vitamin C to help prevent dryness of the skin and protect it against UV rays. Beta-carotene helps prevent sun burn

Immune System – The beta-carotene which keeps our skin healthy also has a vital role in our immune system health. Beta-carotene partnered with Vitamin A keeps our digestive system in good health which makes up 80% of our immunity

Superfood – There are a number of foods claiming to be superfoods and pumpkin is one of them. While the scientific research into superfoods preventing all cancers isn’t conclusive. There is evidence to support Vitamins A, C may help prevent breast cancer, which can all be found in pumpkin

Supports Weight loss – A pumpkin is low in fat and relatively low in calories. 80grams of cooked pumpkin is one of your 5 a day so if good for general health partnered with a balanced diet. It’s high fibre content is also associated with weight loss

Sharp Vision – Beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A within the body. Vitamin A is essential for good eye health and this is what maintains a sharp vision. A cup of pumpkin is 200% of the daily vitamin A recommendation


There are many ways to incorporate pumpkin into your menu. With it being such a versatile food, autumn is a great time to capture the fruits of nature and be create with cooking pumpkin rather than just carving them for Halloween

I would love to know if you eat pumpkin or have any pumpkin recipes to share in the comments


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  1. Jamie
    05/10/2020 / 00:28

    Great article! I loooove pumpkin

  2. Rachel Craig
    05/10/2020 / 00:43

    Great topic. As will likely encourage people to make full use of pumpkin at Halloween.

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