How To Make Pumpkin Puree

With it being the yummy winter squash harvest, I thought I would tell you how to make pumpkin puree

I use pumpkins so much in these seasonal months as they are such a versatile food source. They work well as both sweet and savoury dishes and are packed full of healthy vitamins

Pureeing pumpkin for use later on could be a great way to have less food waste too

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a large pumpkin which has been sliced open so you can see the fleshy insides and seeds


If you buy your pumpkins near the start of October, they are likely to cost you less than nearer the end of the month. The prices are usually inflated slightly for Halloween. I have already bought a few pumpkins which I am going to use for cooking and for home decor display pieces

A large pumpkin cost me 99p from Lidl, bargain

Making home made pumpkin puree is so easy to do. It really doesn’t take to much effort and taste a lot nicer then tinned pumpkins

How To Make Pumpkin Puree

Start by washing any dirt or mud off the exterior of your pumpkin

Cut your pumpkin entirely in half. It needs to fit in your baking tin so consider the size of your tin when cutting it up. You can cut it in to more than half this is just the easiest way I find. As generally it is quite tough to cut all the way through a raw pumpkin

Completely remove the stalk as there isn’t anything we can really do with that

Remove all the pumpkin seeds and save these to roast another time. The stringy bits can just be disregarded


a pumpkin cut in half face down on a baking tray ready to bake


Place the pumpkin halves face down on grease proof paper on a baking sheet, so skin side up.  Cook on high, about 180 degrees. The length of time will depend on the size of the pumpkin and the thickness of the flesh. But usually for about an hour as a guide line


a halved pumpkin which has been baked


The flesh should be nice and soft and really easy to scoop out, to the point where it is almost falling out on it’s own. You will see your half has collapsed into itself slightly in the oven

I find once it has cooled a little it is really simple to just peel off the skin to dispose of it

the skin off a baked pumpkin which has been peeled and left in a pile


From there you can use a food processor or a smoothie maker and blend it to a puree. It is so soft you could even just mash it up into a puree without the use of a device

I use food bags to freeze portions once it has been pureed


2 bags of pumpkin puree sitting on a worktop with a whole pumpkin in the back ground


Frozen pumpkin can last in your freezer in a sealed bag or container for one whole year before the taste could be affected

Go ahead and try it this year, there are so many sweet treats to be made with pumpkins and they are really good for you

I’m sure you will find something you enjoy


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