My Slimming World Journey Update

I thought it would be a good time to share more about my slimming world journey and an update

Last year I joint my local slimming world, and within 8 months I had lost 4 stone

I know 4 stone is a great achievement and I was very proud of myself loosing that amount of weight. Being so close to my target weight as well. It was something but a dream only a mere 8 months prior

My journey started off so well. From week 1 I was very focused and determined to loose weight

4 stone slimming world certificate

It was all going so well, my meal planning and commitment to stick to the plan

Every Wednesday evening I would go to group and my weight was going down by a couple of pound. Some weeks even more than a couple of pounds which was very motivating

The stumbling block came as I had reached a weight I was happy with

Despite still not quite being the target I set for myself initially, I was noticeably smaller

I felt more confident in how I looked. I started my slimming world journey at dress size 20/22 and was wearing a size 14 by July. My appearance had changed dramatically and I was happier with how I looked

I was even voted both Miss Slinky and Woman of the year by my group was such an honour. I didn’t expect either award and was so grateful

Trying to find photos of myself is a bit of a struggle as I hated how I looked and avoided the camera

a side by side profile of claire stewart

The struggle

I began to stumble with my eating and my choices began to slip back into old habits

Initially it was just ‘oh ok I will have a couple of your McDonalds chips.’  Then I was ordering myself a whole McDonalds meal with out even thinking about it

Going for meals out and not choosing the best option on the menu, or even the option which fitted with my syn allowance that day. I just kept going over my syns and eating the odd wrong thing. It escalated so quickly

Up until that point, other than the odd treat I stuck to the plan 100%. Obviously I was tempted to use more syns, but because of the change I was seeing in my shape, I was quite focused to stick to plan

Most days I wouldn’t have my full 15 syn allowance, as I felt I was just having them for the sake of having them. I was very content in the meals I was making for myself and didn’t want or feel the urge to snack. Slimming World is great for people who like to cook and eat. I found myself being a lot more adventurous in the kitchen

I was an active member within my group and would alway have something to contribute at meetings. Speaking about weight loss and food amongst like minded people really helped my progress. Group is such an important part of the plan to have the support of fellow slimmers made all the difference for me personally

face to face comparison

What changed?

Honestly, I wish I knew what changed

So when I saw the scales were going back up a few pounds not down, I was getting disheartened and felt less worthy to contribute. Worthy, might sound a bit dramatic for what I mean but usually my comments were backed up by my weight loss

I wasn’t consistent with my meals. I found I was skipping lunch and then snacking on all the wrong things

Looking back now I was fooling myself into thinking the odd treat was fine. Mainly because it wasn’t the odd treat, it became a daily occurrence

But it wasn’t working for me anymore. I am not blaming the plan at all, I know if i carried on I would have kept on loosing weight

I have tried so many other diet and I didn’t get these results. The Keto or Aitkins diet I managed to loose 2 stone on but I was unable to maintain those eating habits and the weight soon piled back on and probably more

I lost my way and then to top it all off I moved house. Moving house meant I wasn’t as close to my group anymore, I thought about signing up to another one closer to home. The thought of that was quite intimidating and I never got round to it


I have made a promise to myself that as soon as lock down is over I will re-join Slimming World

I did enquire but I don’t think Zoom weekly meetings and weighing myself at home will work for me. Having the weekly weigh in and being amongst the other slimmers is what helped me get to where I was

Currently I have put back on nearly 2 stone of what I lost, not the worst but could have been better. Over a period of 10 months that weight has crept back on and I have really noticed it recently

Being in lockdown has given me time to reflect on what I was doing so wrong and I finally feel motivated again to get the weight off. It would be great to get that final stone gone as well and get me to target

I am actively being conscious about my meals to try and ensure I don’t put on even more. As well as taking part in more exercise with the intentions of being physically fitter

Lets hope I can do it when groups start up again

Let me know in the comments if you have your own Slimming World journey story to share

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  1. Lyndsey cooksey
    14/06/2020 / 12:33

    Fantastic! Well done! I’m a fellow slimming worlder but not doing so well with lockdown. I will get back on it, I need to, but until then I can only do the best I can.

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