Celebrating My Birthday In Lockdown

This year I am celebrating my birthday in lockdown. A new experience for me, and for a lot of people who have had their birthday already

It’s a lifestyle we are all learning to adapt to, aimed at stopping the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19

It seems some lock down measures will be in place until the end of the year, and potentially longer for some restrictions

My birthday falls on the 2nd June, and to celebrate I shall be having a lock down birthday celebration at home


a shop door with a sign saying sorry we are close

Changes Since Lockdown

Having to keep my distance from families and friends has been the hardest part for me. I live close to a lot of my family, and not being able to just pop in and see them is a strange feeling

The financial uncertainty of what the future holds is also causing concern. We just don’t know how we as individuals and the country will recover from the measures currently imposed

General health concerns makes going to the supermarket a hugely daunting task, for fear of contracting or passing the virus on. A lot of people have opted for online deliveries, and supermarkets are feeling the strain. While also there are queues outside of supermarkets taking hours to enter a store, as social distancing measures are being followed restricting the volume of shoppers in store

Keeping the family occupied and happy, while trying to home school and isolate indoors. Home schooling being a challenging task for most parents or guardians. Also, the proposal of sending children back to school from 01st June with the fear for their health and safety

Also our pets, who are wondering why we are home all day now


Baking and cooking has been a great way of keeping entertained while at home

Bread and banana bread has been hugely popular. I have seen images of peoples creations popping up all over Instagram and Facebook. This has also lead into a shortage of supplies like flour and yeast in local supermarkets

When I celebrate my birthday in lockdown, I will be baking myself a birthday cake

I am not by any means a great cake maker but while I have the time I am going to attempt to learn

Let me know the extent of your baking skills in the comments


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  1. Susan B
    20/05/2020 / 13:34

    I used to be a prolific home baker and not too bad at it, either. Am very out of practise these days and it doesn’t help that I gave all my baking tins to the charity shop the last time I moved house. I’m up for diving in again.

  2. Peter Watson
    20/05/2020 / 13:59

    I’m really hopeless but I can make a passable Victoria Sponge.

  3. sarah morris
    20/05/2020 / 14:36

    I can’t bake my my daughter is very good

  4. Katie
    20/05/2020 / 14:47

    I give it a go but I’m not very good

  5. Margaret Clarkson
    20/05/2020 / 14:49

    I am fairly good and can make most things. I enjoy making bread, cakes and scones.

  6. Lorraine Crawford
    20/05/2020 / 15:08

    My mum taught me baking when I was young. I like making scones and empire biscuits.

  7. Solange
    20/05/2020 / 15:09

    I’m ok. I can make cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and bread.

    20/05/2020 / 15:25

    I love baking i find it so relaxing and especially enjoying eating what i’ve baked

  9. ValB
    20/05/2020 / 15:45

    I was a home economics teacher so I have good basic skills and able to interpret recipes well. Will have a go at most things

  10. clair downham
    20/05/2020 / 16:12

    ha not very good!

  11. Ritchie Dee
    20/05/2020 / 17:00

    Enthusiastic amateur

  12. Iain maciver
    20/05/2020 / 17:30

    i get by mostly

  13. Tracy Nixon
    20/05/2020 / 17:39

    I have vastly improved since lockdown as getting in more practise and learning via You Tube!

  14. pete c
    20/05/2020 / 17:56

    as long as I’ve got the guidelines/instructions in front of me, I’m quite good but could make very little from scratch!

  15. Heather Haigh
    20/05/2020 / 18:48

    I do a lot of baking, but often quite experimental and some works great, other stuff not so much lol.

  16. Katie Jaques
    20/05/2020 / 18:52

    I love making cakes, me and my boyfriend made our friend a lovely chocolate cake for their birthday but it was half the size as our cake tin leaked everywhere! Brownies, cupcakes and cookies are a few of our ither favourites tk make as well, I really want to have a go at making some bread!

  17. Maurice Haigh
    20/05/2020 / 18:58

    I’ve made a couple of cakes, some buns and a swiss roll – but it didn’t roll

  18. Marylyn Hammersley
    20/05/2020 / 19:19

    I can make a good tea loaf and Victoria sponge, but I would say I am a keen amateur!

  19. fiona waterworth
    20/05/2020 / 19:40

    I am not bad at baking, however my dad should have been a chef his cakes are superb

  20. Victoria Jardine
    20/05/2020 / 19:47

    I have a few things that I like to bake, but my daughter has really got into it recently and is loving watching junior bake off!

  21. Carrie-Anne Brown
    20/05/2020 / 20:18

    an amateur but slowly improving, love baking with my little boy

  22. christine goody
    20/05/2020 / 20:59

    I have always prided myself of the baking skills I have. I spent my years as a pub and hospital chef and was always complimented on my range of foods especiially my puddings and desserts. I am now retired and have taught my husband how to bake and I am shocked that he makes better pastry than me……. I do it the old fashioned way and he uses the food processor.

  23. Andrea Smith
    20/05/2020 / 21:17

    I’d say I’m a competant beginner! I love baking, but also love trying new ideas and recipes, not all successfully! I make a wicked lemon drizzle cake but a not so good custard tart…

  24. Fiona jk42
    20/05/2020 / 21:38

    I know how to make soda bread, banana bread and flapjacks, and these turn out quite well. However my husband is very good, especially with anything involving yeast, so I’ve had freshly baked bread, home-made pizza, home-made pita bread, and naans. He also makes a really good baked lemon cheesecake. His pastry is also good so we’ve hade home-made pasties, samosas, quiche and turnovers. Basically I just leave all the cooking to him, which suits me just fine.

  25. Jo
    20/05/2020 / 21:41

    I am a good baker and have recently baked many things including victoria sponge, maderia cake, ginger cake, chocolate nutella cake, fairy cakes and swiss roll , and apple pie.

  26. Sheena Batey
    20/05/2020 / 22:07

    Mixed really cherry cake good Battenberg cake a disaster

  27. Rebecca Beesley
    20/05/2020 / 22:10

    We’ve had 2 lockdown birthdays so far and another one coming up! We’ve managed to bake a cake for each even though at some points it has been tricky getting hold of flour and eggs! We enjoy baking but have our fair share of baking disasters!

  28. Angie McDonald
    20/05/2020 / 22:27

    I can make basic cakes easily because my mum taught me when I was young – I’m not brilliant with pastry though

  29. Jo m welsh
    21/05/2020 / 06:25

    I’m no master baker but I enjoy making cakes and love making a fruit cake .

  30. Kelly Wheelhouse
    21/05/2020 / 08:46

    I’m not the best baker in the world! I can bake cakes and brownies and I love trying new recipes

  31. Priscilla Stubbs
    21/05/2020 / 09:54

    I ama pretty cook baker. I love making cakes and cookies, my decorating skills need some improvement though!

  32. Charlotte isobelle
    21/05/2020 / 09:56

    I always love the thought of it but it never turns out like I want it. A sponge cake is great without the decoration haha

  33. Priscilla Stubbs
    21/05/2020 / 09:56

    I am a pretty good baker. I love making cakes and cookies, but my decorating skills need some improement

  34. Sandra Fortune
    21/05/2020 / 12:23

    I know how to bake and decorate occasion cakes have done a lot in the past . I love making edible sugar decorations . Can do anything from children’s birthday cakes and tiered wedding cakes . Something I used to love on a regular basis but just do a few now . Can never have enough baking tins

  35. felicity williams
    21/05/2020 / 22:13

    I am fairly good at baking x

  36. ashleigh allan
    22/05/2020 / 08:45

    I think i am fairly good!

  37. Carolyn E
    22/05/2020 / 09:34

    I am an average baker mostly because I feel guilty at having to eat it all. But…..I am planning on baking a lot more as have just moved to a new area and have found friends…each Wednesday we take it in turns to provide the cakes/buns/snacks. These tins would be really helpful in my quest to improve with practise!

  38. Ruth Harwood
    23/05/2020 / 06:54

    I’m actually quite a good baker – cakes are my speciality, though I have issues with biscuits – they always come out a little less uniform than I would like, and usually are a little burned on the edges!

  39. A.E. ADKINS
    23/05/2020 / 12:32

    The extent of my baking abilities? I’d say minimal.

  40. S Straw
    23/05/2020 / 20:08

    I love baking and now that I’ve got a new oven that doesn’t burn everything I’ll be making even more. I’m doing carrot cake tomorrow.

  41. Margaret Gallagher
    24/05/2020 / 07:54

    Love baking – can turn my hand to anything

  42. Lucy
    24/05/2020 / 15:43

    I used to love baking and I’ve just rediscovered my love for it after finishing uni, although yesterday I made a rather shocking honey cake 😂😂😂🙈🙈

  43. Maria
    25/05/2020 / 12:27

    I would say I am a beginner, it’s only since lockdown that I have started getting into it

  44. Kerstin B
    25/05/2020 / 14:48

    I’m an okay baker but can’t decorate the cakes

  45. GooderDan
    25/05/2020 / 16:45

    I need a lot more practise, so this prize would be perfect!

  46. Agee Gray
    25/05/2020 / 22:51

    We just celebrated my husband’s birthday It was different this year but I had lots of time to cook lovely meal and bake really nice cake

  47. Caroline Hunter
    26/05/2020 / 14:58

    If I’ve got a good recipe, I can make anything!

  48. Karen Barrett
    26/05/2020 / 15:55

    Pretty good, my mum was a confectioner and she taught me

  49. Susan Smith
    27/05/2020 / 18:36

    I am not too bad at baking, ill have a go at most things

  50. Helen H
    29/05/2020 / 12:40

    I’m ok but as I bake gluten free I tend to stick around competing entry level!

  51. Victoria Prince
    31/05/2020 / 13:12

    I am a total novice – not helped by an absence of cooking facilities. I now have a combination microwave so I’m having to get used to a new “oven” (it has a very good “full oven” mode) along with very rusty childhood skills! I’ve made some cheese scones that turned out really well, but I haven’t attempted cake yet (partly due to lack of ingredients, mostly due to lack of suitable bakeware! I’ve just ordered some silicone stuff so watch this space…)

    (and happy early birthday – I’ll be doing the same 3 weeks later (22nd) and I live alone so…

  52. Alison Johnson
    01/06/2020 / 16:51

    I love baking cakes & my cakes taste good, but I’m useless as decorating them so my Hubby does that bit for me 🙂

  53. James Travis
    02/06/2020 / 17:53

    I can do the basics not good at the more complex stuff

  54. 02/06/2020 / 19:49

    Very unique content I have found some on Celebrity Insider too

  55. Sarah hutt
    02/06/2020 / 21:50

    I love to bake my favourites to make are scones , iced biscuits and chocolate sponge cake.

  56. Charlotte
    03/06/2020 / 12:45

    I love baking with my daughters, we have a mixture of success and disaster!

  57. Helen
    03/06/2020 / 17:40

    I enjoy baking but am rubbish at decorating anything!

  58. Tammy Tudor
    04/06/2020 / 09:38

    I love baking but if I’m honest with myself I am not the best! However, I’m always trying as I just do it for fun, I’m really good when it coms to cooking so not quite sure how I manage to mess up baking so badly – it’s an art!

  59. K Col
    04/06/2020 / 09:42

    I am not that good but give it a go, cakes usually taste better than they look

  60. Christine Hall
    04/06/2020 / 11:13

    I try my best sometimes they come out better than others

  61. Danielle Spencer
    04/06/2020 / 14:54

    I like whipping up a rhubarb vanilla sponge, our rhubarb goes mental this time of year so I’ve had plenty of practise!

  62. lynn neal
    04/06/2020 / 16:41

    I am quite good at baking but the trouble is my husband and I do eat more when I bake so I usually keep it to the times when we are having are grandchildren to play or for other visitors!

  63. Ellen Stafford
    04/06/2020 / 19:49

    I try but still sometimes have complete baking disasters!

  64. Sheri Darby
    04/06/2020 / 20:00

    I love baking, but my success is very hit and miss

  65. Steven Grummett
    04/06/2020 / 20:40

    I’m not good at baking but my girlfriend bakes the best scones.

  66. Tracy Astwood
    05/06/2020 / 09:21

    I have a 90th Birthday cake to make in August and these would be perfect !

  67. Tupsie
    05/06/2020 / 10:57

    I’ve been baking more during lockdown, but as it is only my husband & me, I have had to freeze a lot ready for when we can get together with the rest of the family!

  68. Carol W.
    05/06/2020 / 11:11

    I used to enjoy baking but was without a cooker for over a year so now I guess I’ll be like a new starter. I haven’t attempted baking yet, just casseroles and heating pizza. It’s a shame really as I saved to buy the cooker and haven’t really used it yet. I think I’m worried I’ll create a failure and waste all the ingredients.

  69. Laura Pritchard
    05/06/2020 / 11:13

    I’m great at scientifically following a recipe but not very creative!

  70. Anthea Holloway
    05/06/2020 / 18:24

    I love baking and particularly like baking cakes. These cake tins are super and I would love some like these!

  71. Kate Cunningham
    05/06/2020 / 19:39

    I can bake basics but my daughter bakes everything. She does all her own breads, cakes, biscuits, jams etc. Not sure where she got these skills from – not me.

  72. Emma Davison
    05/06/2020 / 19:45

    I’m not bad if I follow a recipe. I have the occasional fail but that’s it.

  73. Heli L
    05/06/2020 / 20:30

    I’m quite an average baker. Brownies and muffins I can do but that’s about it.

  74. Emma England
    05/06/2020 / 21:14

    I only really baked packet mixes with the kids before lockdown but baking is one of my new found skills and I find it very therapeutic.

  75. 05/06/2020 / 21:55

    All my sponges came out very flat, but I now have a new mixer so hoping for better outcome especially if I win these lovely tins.
    Marion Payne recently posted…Rodial x Lorna Luxe EditMy Profile

  76. Maddy
    05/06/2020 / 22:43

    I’m finding I’m enjoying baking more as I’m getting more practice with all this staying at home – I’m learning!

  77. Pete
    05/06/2020 / 22:50

    I can cook – omelettes are my speciality. I’m learning more and more by being home and watching

  78. Patricia Barrett
    06/06/2020 / 00:11

    I’m not particularly adventurous with baking, but I can make some decent cakes and biscuits,

  79. Adrian Bold
    06/06/2020 / 01:51

    I haven’t baked something in many many years.

  80. Daniel
    06/06/2020 / 08:42

    I am able to bake a good selection from bread to cupcakes but decoration is another issue.

  81. Jackie Howell
    06/06/2020 / 09:41

    pre lockdown very poor baking skills, now I would say top of beginner level

  82. Mel Pennie
    06/06/2020 / 09:45

    Was taught to bake by my grandad, who was a chef in the army, and was an amazing cook / baker. I make a mean Chocolate cake!

  83. Helen Tyler
    06/06/2020 / 09:56

    I’m not a very good baker at all. Maybe I’ll get better with a bit of practice!

  84. Amy Bondoc
    06/06/2020 / 13:09

    I am fairly good , ive got etter during lockdown!

  85. Kallie Maile
    06/06/2020 / 13:09

    Pretty good, I can follow a recipe , not so great at making up my own though

  86. Amy Jo
    06/06/2020 / 14:12

    My baking skills are beginners! But I want to learn more so having the right equipment would be amazing.

  87. Laura C
    06/06/2020 / 15:56

    I am quite good at baking but I am pretty rubbish at decorating cakes as I am not artistic

  88. Orange23
    06/06/2020 / 16:37

    Im not very good at baking but I’m trying to get better!

  89. MERYL Thomas
    06/06/2020 / 18:13

    I love baking, but with only two of us in the house now, I bake less than I used to. I bake bread twice a week though

  90. Angela Macdonald
    06/06/2020 / 19:06

    I love baking (and cooking in general) and am actually not too bad at it!

  91. Tracy B
    06/06/2020 / 19:18

    I love baking and don’t think I’m too bad at it as everything gets eaten except my blackjacks (just can’t seem to make flapjacks without burning them!)

  92. Catherine Bullas
    06/06/2020 / 19:50

    I’m an enthusiastic baker but not a very successful one!

  93. Darren Bourne
    06/06/2020 / 20:00

    I like to bake with my kids and partner. I wouldn’t say we’re experts as a family but are learning.

  94. Joyce W
    06/06/2020 / 20:58

    Not very good but I still manage to eat everything I bake!

  95. Yuri Vaneik
    11/06/2020 / 09:22

    Interesting content to read. Loved it.

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