Practical Cars For Dog Owners

I have been considering buying a new car for some time now and want to talk about practical cars for dog owners

One of the things that is important for me to consider is the practicality of transporting my dogs

My dogs are a huge part of my family life and we often go to local parks and outings with them. Being able to fit them all in 1 car safely, along with my family is pretty important

The highway code states that dogs should be suitably restrained as to not distract you while driving.  This can be in whichever way is appropriate for you and your dog

You can buy carriers, cages, dog guards and seat belts all to keep your dog under control whilst traveling in a vehicle. You need to consider how your own pet reacts and acts while in a car

There is a hefty fine if your dog is considered a distraction if you were to be stopped by the police. So it is something to really consider upon making a new car purchase

Space For Your Dog

Cars come in all shapes and sizes

Boot space and rear seat space is the area your dog should be restrained

Whilst it isn’t against the law currently in the UK for your dog to travel in the front passenger seat. The danger aspect is far higher than in the rear of the car

2 dogs sitting on the rear seats in a car

Types of Cars

Leisure activity vehicles are amongst the top spots for practical cars for transporting our canine friends. These are the types of vehicles which have large boot access where the whole tailgate comes up upon opening. An example being, Citroen Berlingo

Sports utility vehicle (SUV) there are a variety of types based on budget and space requirement. A common SUV being the Nissan XTrail which has space and comfort but also 4×4 capability for all-terrains

An estate car. This is a regular salon car but with an extended boot space. This boot space is great for sectioning off your dog from the main part of the vehicle without compromising on space within the seating area

4×4’s such as a Land Rover, Range Rover. They have large boot spaces and like the estate cars, the seating area isn’t compromised to accommodate for the extra large boot

Multi utility vehicle (MUV) such as a Toyota Innova, could also be referred to as a mini van. This is for its desirability amongst larger families as they typically have folding seats to the rear in the boot space

dogs in a car

Make and model of a car purchase comes down to personal preference.  We all typically prefer a certain type of car, usually based on how it looks

Personally for me I prefer to drive 4×4’s.  I sold my Range Rover a couple of years a go now and have missed driving it ever since

But now with my ever growing fur family I think my next car will be an estate car. The extra large boot area without compromising on the rear seating area

Let me know in the comments your choice of car and whether you considered your dog when you choose it

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practical cars for dog owners


  1. James Travis
    02/06/2020 / 17:55

    Great advice

  2. Mel Pennie
    06/06/2020 / 09:50

    We had our 4 x 4 (Suzuki) before we purchased our dog but find it great for transporting him around. He is always fastened on to the seatbelt in the rear even on the shortest journeys and is quite happy to sit looking out of the window.

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