Selling My Car To WeBuyAnyCar

This weekend I said goodbye to my beloved Frank The Tank

A little nickname he has been given since he is a 3 litre Super charged Range Rover Land Rover

Time to say goodbye

I decided back in July that it was time to say goodbye, for various reasons mainly due to the running costs

As you can imagine the cost of fuelling Frank was a mind blowing £130 for a full tank of diesel

His fuel consumption coming in circa 20 mpg I felt like I have been burning money

Road tax alone was nearly £50 per month

With out the cost of insurance as well as any maintenance needed

I also have another car, so Frank has merely been a luxury I have been indulging in for nearly 3 years

It has taken from July until now for me to say goodbye

I took my private number plate off, and made my first advert on Autotrader end of July advertising his sale

August came and went and I had a few phone calls, some from dealers and some from other companies who were trying to get me to advertise on their sites too

But I only got 4 calls from people who seemed like genuine people who might have wanted to buy him

September was a pretty similar, I got 2 people who had said they were going to come and view him but both were no shows

It seems that people were not so keen on buying my fuel guzzler

Decision time

I decided enough was enough with all the waiting, and I put the registration and information into the website

The figure I was given was a fair bit lower than I wanted for him from the sale

However, weighing it all up I decided I would go ahead with the quote

I made an appointment at a branch local to me and we set off for our last ride

The selling

Using the website was easy and so was making the appointment. I got a phone call shortly from the branch confirming what information I would need to take with me to my appointment

I arrived for my appointment and was surprised how many other people were there trading their cars in too

Their representative spoke with me and went over the car marking down an his sheet any damage or issues he could see on the body and interior of the car

Now Frank was in really good condition. But I was deducted repairs for 2 panels and 1 slightly scuffed alloy

One was for the drivers door, the edge had a few little marks where the door had been opened on something. The second was for the underpart of the front bumper, the grill effectively, as it has a few small stone chips from driving

Each part would needed to have been sent to body shop repair apparently. I’m pretty sure polish would have hide the door mark. The bumper, well under the front grill, who on earth checks down there anyway

So thats nearly £400 taken off my initial online quote. The two body shop repairs and then the mark down for the scuffed alloy

Also, their is their £49 transaction fee to deduct too


The handover do not do anything to the cars themselves. The mark down for the repairs didn’t mean they were actually going to do the repairs. The cars are bought and then sent straight off to auction as they are, no touch ups done

Nevertheless, I agreed to the sale and signed the used car purchase invoice

They transferred the ownership there and then online with the DVLA and I was emailed to the same effect instantly

Payment is sent via bank transfer, I chose the free option which means I get the money 5 working days later however, if you want it sooner you can pay £25 for a next working day payment


Selling my car this way was no a rash decision. It was something I have been thinking about the whole time I had it up for sale

I did find the whole process extremely easy and the staff were amazing. They explained everything and were happy to answer all my questions. I really can not fault that part of the service

My advise to anyone who is looking to trade their car in using WeBuyAnyCar, be prepared to have more money taken off the quote you see online

The smallest imperfections are picked up by the staff.  You will be deducted on the final quote

A private sale would is the best way to get more money back for my car, but WeBuyAnyCar was definitely the easiest

If I wanted the sale price I should have held on for a private sale

But for the convenience I am glad I sold it this way

See How to choose your next car carefully

fair square


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Selling My Car To WeBuyAnyCar

fair square


  1. Tracy Nixon
    15/10/2018 / 07:23

    Great tips thanks!

  2. bev
    15/10/2018 / 08:21

    Great read

  3. Alica
    15/10/2018 / 08:42

    The hubby sold our car this way (not sure if the same company! I know online) and he said it was much easier.

  4. Margaret Clarkson
    15/10/2018 / 08:57

    Interesting, thank you,

  5. Helen B
    15/10/2018 / 09:07

    I advertised my old Peugeot 107 with autotrader and put a for sale notice in the window and sold it privately for twice what I would have got from WeBuyAnyCar

  6. Nicola Marshall
    15/10/2018 / 09:32

    Interesting , thank you for the great tips.

  7. Annabel Greaves
    15/10/2018 / 12:45

    These are really useful tips

  8. Amy simpson
    15/10/2018 / 18:24

    Thanks for the tips

  9. lynn savage
    15/10/2018 / 18:55

    I looked at webuyanycar before selling my car, got £200 more by selling it privately and easily with an advert at work.

  10. A S,Edinburgh
    15/10/2018 / 22:38

    Very interesting, thank you. Which avenue to go down can be a difficult decision, but speed and convenience can be worth not getting as much back, sometimes.

  11. Tracey Hallmark
    16/10/2018 / 00:37

    Thanks for the info on any imperfections or damage it’s good to know

  12. 17/10/2018 / 12:53

    Some car parts that adds more safety and security in your car is always a must.

  13. sarah m
    18/10/2018 / 17:09

    I have previously sold my car via this company. I found it overall a very easy process!

  14. Sarah Russell
    19/10/2018 / 00:53

    I can’t believe how easy it is to sell a car now!

  15. Heather Haigh
    20/10/2018 / 00:51

    I’ve often wondered if this was actually a good way to do it, though I don’t actually drive myself.

  16. William Gould
    20/10/2018 / 07:49

    I think this is good if you want to get rid of a car quickly. Otherwise, a private sale or trade-in would be better…

  17. Shelley Jessup
    22/10/2018 / 17:04

    I’ve always been not sure on webuyanycar but all the steps you have posted seem rather easy & simple to follow. A private sale would of course be better.

  18. Alice Gilkes
    24/10/2018 / 22:08

    Good way to make money. 🙂

  19. Abigail Cullen
    27/10/2018 / 12:01

    Great read, with valuable tips added, I myself have considered WeBuyAnyCar, too, with my previous car I decided to trade the car in for an Audi, which was with the dealer in hand.

  20. Gillian Hitchen
    27/10/2018 / 13:40

    I used them for ease and to avoid all the scam artists when you try to sell privately! If you don’t have a second key, they knock a considerable amount off, so dig it out if you have it!

  21. Jean Cassell
    29/10/2018 / 13:36

    I’m hoping that we now have our forever car. After this it’s taxis for us!

  22. Claire Nutman
    30/10/2018 / 21:54

    I think youve given a really fair and just review, and it has given me a more positive view towards considering doing it myself, so thanks

  23. Dragonfly63
    31/10/2018 / 09:03

    I hadn’t considered this before but your article has made me think.

  24. Louise Smith
    31/10/2018 / 21:24

    Interesting article

  25. Rich Tyler
    01/11/2018 / 13:33

    Great idea, never thought of this before

  26. Michelle whyte
    01/11/2018 / 19:04

    Love the name Frank the Tank…have shown my son this post as he wants to sell his car…loads of information

  27. Hazel Rea
    01/11/2018 / 21:05

    Very interesting post. I didn’t know about them taking money off for faults.

  28. Danielle Sedgebeer
    02/11/2018 / 21:41

    Very interesting thank you!

  29. Andrea Fletcher
    04/11/2018 / 12:59

    Interesting read.

  30. Lorna Ledger
    04/11/2018 / 17:46

    I’ve used them in the past, they were really helpful! easy to do

  31. Amy Bondoc
    07/11/2018 / 04:19

    my husband also sold his car through them xx

  32. Lindsey Stuart
    09/11/2018 / 12:09

    Oh gosh this is a super idea, Thanks for sharing this information with us, I think this way of selling would be far less hassle than selling privately 🙂

  33. Rebecca Mercer
    09/11/2018 / 14:54

    We sold our car this way was very straight forward

  34. Rebecca Nisbet
    11/11/2018 / 11:34

    we always ensure we have a full service history on our cars, makes them worth a little bit more.

  35. Carolyn E
    13/11/2018 / 01:24

    I have always wondered about this option for selling a car. Thanks for the review, it was interesting.

  36. Laura Wheatley
    13/11/2018 / 12:47

    I imagine this company is good to use if you are happy to take quite a bit less than what you would selling yourself, but it sounds easy to do so maybe worth the loss in money if you can afford it

  37. Emma Lamb
    14/11/2018 / 04:01

    I’ve seen the adverts for this and wondered if many went this route, though I no longer drive on medical grounds

  38. Susan B
    18/11/2018 / 15:11

    A candid and useful post. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  39. Anthea Holloway
    18/11/2018 / 16:18

    How very interesting. I guess it saves a lot of hassle but you lose money too.

  40. James Travis
    18/11/2018 / 17:13

    Thanks for the advice

  41. Emily Smith
    19/11/2018 / 00:16

    Interesting read. Thanks

  42. paula cheadle
    20/11/2018 / 01:00

    Very interesting, some tips to remember

  43. Sheila Reeves (CakeReev)
    20/11/2018 / 07:15

    Great balanced read – I’ve always wondered how this works after seeing their adverts.

  44. Tina Deacon
    20/11/2018 / 08:22

    Good tips, I never knew it was that expensive for a Range Rover

  45. Pat Stubbs
    20/11/2018 / 09:59

    I dread having to buy a new car and as our current model is a diesel we will not get much if anything for it. Gone for its MOT to day so fingers crossed!

  46. Helen Winson
    20/11/2018 / 10:16

    Brill read thanks for the tips ☺️

  47. Iris Tilley
    20/11/2018 / 10:17

    We should be selling ours soon Not sold on this site before Thanks for the heads up

  48. Jeanette Leighton
    20/11/2018 / 10:52

    My dad’s cars last forever he buys the ones that are cheaper to run

  49. Denise walton
    20/11/2018 / 12:19

    Great tips thank you

  50. Tess D
    20/11/2018 / 12:25

    can see myself using this site for a quick hassle free sale but if I was in a position where I could afford to wait would sell privately for more money x

    20/11/2018 / 13:56

    fab read- super useful

  52. Georgie Wright
    20/11/2018 / 19:47

    I can see how it could be tempting to use their services.

  53. Alison Johnson
    20/11/2018 / 20:31

    My mum sold her car with them & she had the offer halved when she went to the actual place where you trade in. Was shocked, but we alsways sell privately but then my Hubby has bought & sold cars for nearly 30 years & my son works for a car dealership so it is easier for us to do things this way than for most people. If you are willing to accept less money, the we buy any car are very easy to deal with.

  54. Tee Simpson
    20/11/2018 / 22:08

    Great tips to bear in mind.

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