Easy Bake No Knead Bread

The idea of baking bread seemed so much harder than this easy bake no knead bread recipe I used

I baked banana bread plenty of times. Even more so since lock down, but actual bread was something else

The thought of the kneading and repetition just didn’t appeal to me

Kneading dough is used to mix the ingredients. I had always thought it was a necessary step

You knead dough by using the heel of your palm to push the dough away from you, and fold it back over itself, and repeat

In most bread recipes this is a requirement which I find quite tedious

No Kneading

This is a way to make bread with very little ingredients and you have no need to knead

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450g Plain flour

1g Fast acting yeast

10g salt

375ml Warm water

It really couldn’t be much simpler then mixing all the ingredients together with a spoon

No need to get your hands dirty, it can be mixed to the required dough mixture with a spoon and then left

You will need a large 2 litre size dish to mix it in and a similar size loaf tin to bake it in

Once all of the ingredients and throughly mixed you will have a sticky dough which you will need to cover with cling film

The dough will then need to sit and rise. This will take between 12 -18 hours and it needs to be kept at room temperature, at no less than 18 degrees


Once it has risen you can bake it straight away

Place a large piece of grease proof paper on your side and cover it in plain flour. Be quite generous as this is needed to stop the mixture sticking to the paper, so ensure to spread the flour over it

Your risen dough mixture should fall quite easily out of the bowl and put it on the floured baking paper

You can then use the baking paper to pick the dough up and put it in your loaf tin. If you are wanting to add any additional toppings like poppy seeds or pumpkin seeds add them now

Put your loaf tin in a pre-heated oven on 220 degrees for about 45 minutes. Check it at 30 minutes to ensure the top isn’t burning. If it is looking too dark cover it with tin foil to stop if from getting burnt

Your easy bake no knead bread should be looking and smelling delicious

It slices best once it has cooled


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  1. Pippa Ainsworth
    07/11/2020 / 15:30

    I’ve never heard of no knead bread! I love the idea of making my own bread but am put off by all of the kneading etc, I may well give this a try

  2. Mandy
    08/11/2020 / 08:14

    This was so easy to make and yummy too. We had it with some vegetable soup

  3. 24/11/2020 / 13:27

    I love homemade bread. The recipe bake no knead is just a godsend for me. I will definitely cook. Thanks for sharing!

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