How to improve your DA score as a blogger

DA or Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score, which ranks from 1 to 100 read about them in this post

The higher your score the greater your sites ability to rank in searches, search engines being the likes of Google and Bing

Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, such as linking root domains and number of total links, into one single DA score which can then be used to compare websites, which if you are a blogger will be really important how you fair against other blogs


Tips To Increase Your DA

SEO is very important if you want to increase your DA score

Ensuring you have good meta descriptions, meta tags, alt tags , URL structure and site navigation

Take a look at the importance of SEO post here 

The speed of your site can be checked via this site it tells you how quickly your pages load

If your site is slow to load, people might not be patient and  high bounce rate can have a negative impact on your score. I believe the optimum loading time is less than 3 seconds. If it takes longer than this, it’s time to take a look at ways to reduce your loading time.

Creating content which is topical, for example Summer related posts in Summer not Winter. Think about the time of year you are making your posts and how relevant they are to your audience

If you are writing a specific piece about Christmas you will need to make sure you promote it in the right season

Having evergreen content is prime. This is important for generating traffic to your site at any point through out the year

Broken links on you site are not good for your DA or your audience. You should check for broken links regularly as this affects SEO also google penalises dead links

These links may be broken through no fault of your own, possibility the company are no longer trading or that particular promoted product is no longer available

You can check your broken links in this checker for free

Getting backlinks back to your website from other sites. The more backlinks to your website the better your DA however easier said than done

You can write guest posts on other bloggers websites for them

Have other bloggers reference to your posts which are relevant within their blog posts. This is usually good way for both of you to get back links as they you would return the favour so to speak

Comment on other bloggers posts. Those that allow you to add your website when you post your comment are a great way to add more back links

Social media shares also help back links to your blog

Inbound links are where you link back to your own content. This is good for referencing and drawing readers attention to other posts you have written. Keeping readings on your site for longer is beneficial for your page views too


If you have implemented all these methods the only other thing you can do is wait. Your DA score will increase with the maturity of your site

Nothing you do will make your score jump up over night,. As long as you follow all the guidelines over time you will see it improve


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Improve Your DA Score

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  1. bev
    24/07/2018 / 08:19

    Great tips! I’m just about to launch a geneaology blog, so very helpful!

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