How To Boost Collagen Production

How to boost collagen production in my skin is something I have been thinking about recently. I have taken a much bigger interest in my skin care and my skin health since lockdown started

Collagen is something which is required to maintain the youthful appearance. Losing collagen as we age is a natural process, and there doesn’t seem to be any way of stopping this from happening

The only way to increase collagen seems to be by having cosmetic surgery. But lip and cheek collagen fillers are not measures a lot of people want to take, and consider them as extreme

There are another couple of ways to produce collagen naturally

Eating Foods

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Eating foods rich in vitamin C is one of the most natural ways you can help boost collagen production. As collagen requires vitamin C in order for the body to manufacture it. There are plenty of delicious foods with high vitamin C levels. I love citrus fruits, broccoli and berries are always a good to include. Adding these to your diet could really help

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Egg whites, wholewheat, quinoa and soya products like tofu are all good substitutes of animal meats, which are also needed to help promote the production of collagen.

Dark, leafy, green vegetables help strengthen collagen when it is formed, so again adding these to your diet could really help as well


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You can buy a supplement for pretty much anything these days and collagen is no exception. Collagen supplements can come in as liquid or tablet.

One of my personal favourites, in the form of Gin. Cleverly named Collagin and it doesn’t disappoint in taste either. I am rather partial to a Collagin and tonic especially now they sell Lavender and elderflower flavour, delicious. Add to your list if you are a Gin fan like me

Silica is a product added to these supplements. Silica is a form of silicon found in foods such and cereals, and this is really useful in the production of collagen for elasticity

The stronger the bond of the collagen framework, the more youthful your skin can look

You can take a look at what is the importance of collagen if you are unsure of the purpose of it

Hope this gives you a better understanding of how to boost collagen production

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  1. 03/09/2020 / 13:11

    I don’t think there is enough evidence that taking any collagen supplement orally can help; but it can’t hurt so I do take marine collagen orally just incase it’s helping me keep the wrinkles at bay!

  2. 08/09/2020 / 23:49

    Insightful content. I guess I will try to include fruits rich in vitamin C in my diet.

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