Skincare: How Can You Tell If You Have A Collagen Deficiency?

Skincare: How Can You Tell If You Have A Collagen Deficiency? “Collagen” is a word that almost every woman has heard, but most women don’t understand properly. For example, did you know that it accounts for 30% of all cells in the human body? Yes, collagen is that essential to your health.

The prominent feature people know about is the link between low collagen levels and the signs of ageing. If you suffer from wrinkles, you may blame it on Mother Nature and the fact that she didn’t bless you with a bottomless pit of skin tightener. The truth is, while the levels lower as you age, you can experience a deficiency regardless of how old you are.

That isn’t supposed to scare you, rather the opposite. Instead, it should highlight that you’re not exempt from beauty problems just because you’re young. There is no guarantee. Therefore, it’s vital to understand and watch out for collagen deficiency signs to consult a doctor and limit the damage.

Skincare: How Can You Tell If You Have A Collagen Deficiency?


Cellulite is a buzzword for most women as it’s a feature that you want to avoid like the plague. Sadly, not all ladies are lucky enough to boast tight, elastic skin. This is because your collagen levels may be lower than normal, which means your skin doesn’t bounce back effectively when stretched.

The key is to analyse whether it’s the same, getting better, or getting worse. Some forms of cellulite are natural in the sense that they are difficult to eliminate. However, if the appearance gets worse, it means the fatty tissue underneath the skin is continuing to push upwards, and your skin isn’t reacting. Usually, this is as a result of a lack of collagen as it’s the protein that gives the body’s largest organ its firmness.

You may experience cellulite regardless, yet it’s vital to watch for it getting worse as this highlights a protein deficiency.



Thinning Features

You can tell when a person is young as their skin and features glow. They are full in the face in a way that is only possible when you’re full of collagen and don’t have to worry about Mother Nature. On the other hand, a collagen deficiency will leave your features looking hollow and gaunt.

The eyes are the easiest to spot as you can tell they are less full, especially in the sockets. But, you shouldn’t forget to gauge other areas of your body, such as your neck. A neck lift is a popular treatment for women as once it loses its firmness, it’s difficult to get it back to its natural state. You don’t have to resort to those kinds of treatments if you don’t want to, as there are natural methods.

However, it’s vital to spot the signs so that you can act quickly. Otherwise, it might be too late for organic remedies.


Circulatory Problems

It’s tempting to assume that everything collagen-related is to do with your appearance, yet this isn’t true. One of the best ways to tell if you have a protein deficiency is to monitor your circulation. Why? It’s because collagen is responsible for the walls of the blood vessels that transport blood around the body.

That means everything from chest pain, dizziness, fatigue, and frequent headaches are indicators of a lack of collagen. The same goes for cold hands and body parts as these signs indicate an inefficiency with your blood flow. Of course, it’s not straightforward to tell if these symptoms are due to collagen or other ailments, such as bacteria or viruses.

To be sure, you should reference them against other potential problems. For instance, if you get headaches and your cellulite is getting worse, it could be a deficiency problem.



Bad Habits

Over time, the bad habits you pick up at a young age come back to haunt you. Mainly, it depends on the compulsion, but it’s safe to say that some addictions are terrible for your body. Nicotine and alcohol are two legal substances that break down the cells in your body, leading to collagen reduction.

You may be surprised to hear that something as routine as the sun is unhealthy, too. Everybody loves sunshine since it lifts moods, yet the UV rays are powerful and break down cells in the same way as harmful substances. That means if you leave the house without applying SPF, in the summer or winter, you could exacerbate the onset of collagen deficiency.

No-one is a saint, which is why no-one expects you to quit entirely. However, cutting down is a smart move.

Do you spot any of these signs during your beauty routine?

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  1. Sandra Fortune
    31/10/2020 / 13:01

    Very interesting I never knew about this . I only thought collagen was something we lost from our skin as we aged .

  2. 19/12/2020 / 08:55

    Collagen is the most abundant and strong protein in your body, it holds you together and keeps you looking young.

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