Why Would You Sell Your Home Quickly?

Homes are not like any other financial asset. They’re not your car, mobile RV, business or gold bullion. They are unique in the world of finance and trade. Property is one of the golden geese whereby it only increases in value. So why would you ever want to sell it off quickly? Well believe it or not there are certain circumstances where you would want shot of the home as quickly as possible. This is however situational based. It’s not just a random way to go about things because of course, you want the most amount of money for your house. So you would think that selling a home quickly would mean you’re in a tight spot, and quite clearly not in an advantageous position. You couldn’t be further from the truth because there certain times when the quicker you sell, the more you stand to profit. Do you fit any of the following conditions?



Flip and go!


If you are a property flipper, then selling quick could be one of the smartest things you do. Perhaps you have finished the property and want to move onto another project. Maybe you have seen a very enticing property in the auction houses and want to have enough funds to buy it instead. If you did, it could be worth triple the amount of the current project you’re trying to sell. Thus, the quicker you sold the quicker you have a chance to buy a property with substantially higher profitability. Another scenario is when you have bitten off more than you can chew. Maybe you have realised the property is just too much work for you, so you need another flipper to take it over. The quicker you find a buyer the less money you lose by working on the home. 


Life has changed


Going through a divorce really changes things. You will need to sell off the shared home and quickly part ways. This is usually ordered by the court but it could also be part of an outside court settlement. When you’re in need for speedy sell, look at a website like flyinghomes.co.uk where you can get a cash offer on the same day of posting. There are no legal fees and agents won’t take a cut either. They also guarantee to find you the highest competitive price. It’s also not made public if you don’t want your details to be shown, i.e. the buyer won’t know who the seller is. The process is one of the fastest out there as your home could be sold within 7 days. 


The career is calling


Commonly known as the career call, selling your property quickly is sometimes down to moving jobs and with it moving cities. Thus when you are in need of a quick sale to start your new role, selling a home should not be about haggling down to the last penny. 


These are just some of the scenarios whereby it’s prudent to actually sell your property as fast as you can. You can make a huge profit when you’re flipping a home but even more so when you’re doing it to upgrade to an even bigger project. 

*this is a collaborative post

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  1. EIPL Group
    18/10/2019 / 12:03

    Your life story is quite inspiring and making us more knowledgeable. I wish i had watched this video and article before it would help when i sold my home. But no problem some of my friends are in the real estate field this article would help them i hope.

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