Why You Should Consider Investing in Property This Year

Investments are a big thing right now, with people deciding to use their hard earned cash to make even more money, and giving them a little bit of security for their future needs, particularly when they hit retirement age. It makes their money work smarter, and not harder, and once the initial footwork has been done, it takes very little work to get a return on your capital, especially if you employ the services of an established company such as Montague Property.

Investment comes in a variety of forms, such as stocks and shares, gold and silver bullion, pensions, bonds and property – and property is what we are going to be looking at in more detail in this article.


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Why property?

Having a diverse portfolio of investments is essential for many reasons, the main one being that diversification reduces the risk of your money being lost. If the stocks and shares you have spent your money on go belly up, you will be glad of having something else to fall back on. Many investors choose property because it is pretty much always going to give you a good return. After all, people always need somewhere to live!

One of the most attractive things about property development is capital growth. Over the past few years, some houses have rapidly increased in price, with some even doubling their original cost. Generally, property prices are rising year after year, and the private rental market has never been so strong. This makes going into property a desirable proposition for many would-be investors. Interest rates are looking pretty good at the moment as well, which is another thing that is enticing people into purchasing additional property to sell or rent out.

With many high profile companies going up in smoke and losing private pensions, many investors like to have a physical and tangible asset as part of their portfolio, instead of something like stocks and shares.

Property investment can provide a good and stable income if you decide to rent out, so even if you are retired or unable to work for one reason or another, you can be sure of consistent money every month. If you did need to cash in for quick access to your money, it is a lot easier to do than with other forms of investment, although you may find that you have to pay capital gains tax.

For many, investing in property means they are helping to secure their child’s future. With house prices increasing every year, when the child is old enough to need a home of their own, they have a property ready to move into if they wish, or they can take over the investment from their parents.

Before you make any final decision about investing your money in a property you need to do your research and find out as much as you and make a list of the pros and cons. While investment is generally safe for most people, it is essential that you check it is the right investment for you.

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  1. Kevin Bloomfield
    08/04/2019 / 09:18

    Nice idea…..just need to find some money to invest…….

  2. James Travis
    08/04/2019 / 19:00

    Great ideas, need to find a few quid first though

  3. Georgie Wright
    10/04/2019 / 12:32

    It would be a nice position to be in but at the moment it’s just a dream!

  4. Chanise Kemp
    10/04/2019 / 13:45

    Good read! If I could find some money it would be good start.

  5. Sian Buckingham
    13/04/2019 / 18:08

    Great information! I would if I had the money!

  6. A S,Edinburgh
    14/04/2019 / 06:52

    Very good points. It can be a great option, especially if you have children.

  7. Rachel Craig
    22/05/2019 / 21:58

    How I wish the priority for a house was :- “A House is a Home”. People :- Individuals, families etc NEED somewhere for shelter :- :- “A Roof Over Their Head”. We have heard the term “Location, Location, Location” :- Why is Location so important? For investment purposes aim / goal is to make money :- A house sold some time later may have a higher price. But has it made money, or have house prices and other prices risen ( cost of living, inflation, etc). The cost of an item in one decade will be different from the next decade, etc.

    A home should be comfortable, affordable, convenient for schooling, place of employment, family, friends, amenities :- shops for groceries, park for peaceful walk, cinema / theatre for entertainment. Some may use car, this may change in the future :- Increased running and maintenance costs, ecology, etc.

    Investments should be available :- As some may have money they do not want / need to use in the present time. Future Unknown, but will have outgoings, may want to travel, may have a change of lifestyle, needs may have changed, etc. So need finances available to deal with financial expenses which occur at that time. Possibly assisting child with Wedding costs, etc.

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