Think Outside the Box for your Family’s Revenue Streams

If you’re looking to create more income without drastically changing your lifestyle, you have more options than you think, and nearly all of them come back to using the internet to your advantage. 


Be Flexible & Work Remote


You can be more confident in your family’s finances by securing online work, and by increasing your education. With the advancement of technology, and with the fact that the internet has allowed us to have education at our fingertips, there’s simply no excuse for not learning a new skill! Remote work is something that can often be done at odd hours, so if you work a regular job, but need to be home with your kids in the evening, remote jobs that allow you to put technology to use can be much more flexible. 




Learning new skills online goes both ways though; while you might be learning how to monetize your expertise, you may be also able to teach someone a new skill just by writing it and publishing it online.

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In the era of mommybloggers, there is something to be said for a marketable blog. What expertise do you have that others might not? From raising children, to cooking for a family with picky eaters, you have knowledge to share that others want to learn. While a blog itself may not put money in your bank account, putting advertisements on your website and adding affiliate links can be relatively passive income.  


To ensure that your readers return, make sure that you have an easy way for them to sign up for a weekly newsletter. Additionally, make sure that you post consistently or your readers will drop me.


Note: when you do add affiliate links, make sure you know your local laws about what you need to state on your blog regarding this. Each area differs slightly. 




If you’ve already got a blog up-and-running, with at least 10 blog articles readily available for the public to consume, focus on consulting or offering paid webinars. Ideally, you can offer one for free, then monetize the ones thereafter. A blog with solid information shows that you are an authority in the area that you’re writing about, and people will automatically assume you’re an expert.


There are loads of ways to go about consulting after you have a readership. A huge tip though is to not undervalue the expertise that you offer. Always see if there are comparable consultations to you, and price them appropriately. You can choose to advertise your consulting options on your own blog or via social media like Facebook or Instagram. 

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Crafty by Nature

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Are you always getting compliments on your handmade earrings? Do your kids look like they’ve stepped out of a fashion magazine when they rock some of the clothes you’ve sewn? If you look forward to creating crafts and beautiful art, look online to see what options you have in selling these. 


Etsy and Amazon Marketplace are two of the biggest ways to sell your handmade goods, but you can also consider other 


Start looking at income not just as something to earn when you’re at a “regular” job. With remote jobs, information and education at your fingertips, and the ability to create and sell things so easily, there’s no excuse for not adding supplemental income to your family’s savings account.

*this is a collaborative post


  1. Susan B
    06/04/2020 / 18:42

    Posts like this one are always excellent food for thought. Thank you.

  2. Dawn Samples
    18/04/2020 / 10:47

    I am wanting to gain extra income in a more flexible way since I have young children so these tips are much appreciated x

  3. Helen
    10/06/2020 / 09:33

    Great ideas, life and our approach needs to adapt and hopefully find improvements.

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