Your Biggest Expenses: How to Lower Them

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Your household expenses are a priority whenever you get your pay for the month. You need to take care of them before you can think about fun things or saving for the future. In the UK, your housing alone (mortgage or rent) could take up around a third of your spending on average, or even more if you live in a pricier area. Even though you can’t really avoid these expenses completely, there are ways to reduce the cost if you want to. Let’s look at some of the ways you could spend less on your biggest expenses each month.

Rent or Mortgage

Your largest expense is likely to be your rent or mortgage unless you own your home outright. Reducing your rent can be pretty tough unless you have a very kind landlord. The best way to do it is to move, seeking out a cheaper property. Perhaps downsizing or moving to a cheaper area might work for you. If you have a mortgage, finding a new mortgage deal might help you to save money. Some people switch to a new mortgage as soon as their initial fixed period is over to get a better deal and keep their payments as low as they can.


The cost of transport is a major one for many households. You might own a car, in which case you could be spending hundreds each month. Or you might rely on public transport, which can also be pretty costly. Start saving quickly on your car when you find a better insurance deal. You can click here to start comparing insurance deals and find the right provider and policy for your needs. If you want to save on public transport, you might benefit from a railcard or bus pass, or from using a season ticket to reduce the price of your regular journey.

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We can’t survive without food, and it could account for around 10% of your monthly spending. A lot of people struggle with shopping cheaply, especially if they also want to prepare healthy meals. If you want to save money on food, it helps to set a strict budget. Look for cheap recipes that are still nutritious and choose the right supermarket to shop in too. You can save a lot by shopping at a cheaper supermarket, but only if you’re not spending more to travel there and back.



Your utilities, such as gas, water, and electricity, are probably not a huge portion of your household expenses. However, they can still be a significant part of your spending that’s worth examining. With your utilities measured by how much you use, using less can definitely help you save. But the best way to save may actually be to switch to a different provider. You might find that there’s a cheaper option out there for you, and it’s not difficult to switch.

By lowering your biggest household expenses, you could have more money for fun things or more to put away for a rainy day.

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    I love your blog theme so much! It’s so pretty and girly haha! I’m going to put these methods into practice to lower my monthly payments and hopefully save more money!

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