Why you should be switching your energy supplier

The concept of switching your energy supplier seems really scary to some people, so they just stay with the same company permanently

I spoke with my parents about their energy supply recently, as I switched mine and was horrified when they told me they haven’t switched suppliers in about 10 years, or maybe even longer, it just wasn’t something they thought about doing

Why Switch

The idea behind switching your suppliers is so that you get the best deal and ultimately pay less for your energy, energy being your gas and electricity and making putting more money back in your pocket

When you pay the bills for your energy, you can decide which source company you use, this is the same for whether you own your home or you rent your home

Renting means that you can not make any permanent changes, for example replace the meter for a prepayment  meter or vice versa, this would be the landlords responsibility and if you did this with out the landlords permission could cause you some issues

However, switching the supply source has no impact on anyone other than the users of the supply and the person paying the bills


I used a switching site called uSwitch, the process was simple, I filled in a few questions about my home and the people living in it along with my usage. Your usage is available on each of your bills and the more accurate the information the better your results

I was presented with a huge list of companies, some I had never heard of before but they were all able to save me a significant amount of money over a year

What Next

I chose to go with the plan offered by First Utility

Fixing my tariff and my monthly repayments was something that appealed to me, and First Utility had what I felt was the best tariff for my home and usage

I filled in my personal details and with the click of a button I had switched suppliers, well I was on the way to switching as it is not an instant transfer

My confirmation email came through almost instantly and details all the information I had supplied along with the tariff I chose


My first recommendation is that if you have been with your supplier for 12 months and haven’t looked at switching, do it!

Secondly, I am extremely happy with my service from First Utility and if this comes top of your list for recommended switches I actually have a referral link which means you get a £50 voucher for switching, and you can choose from Amazon, John Lewis or Tesco, be that an extra incentive for switching to them

Switch here 

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  1. Margaret Gallagher
    05/06/2018 / 18:07

    Just switched mine – saved hundreds in the last few years – well worth doing

  2. Kim Styles
    07/06/2018 / 16:07

    I want to switch but need to pay off a debit of £400 due to Npower freezing my account whilst sorting out an error they caused in my readings! its so annoying

  3. Michelle Sykes
    12/06/2018 / 09:26

    I switch every year it saves a lot of money

  4. Tee Simpson
    12/06/2018 / 19:44

    I switch every year. I was with first utility buy have just switched again to a cheaper supplier.

  5. Alica
    13/06/2018 / 14:06

    I switch mine as soon as my contract has ended, it can save a small fortune!

  6. Tracy Nixon
    13/06/2018 / 17:45

    I switch almost annualy and it saves a lot of money!

  7. Susan B
    23/06/2018 / 14:56

    I switch every year but, as a low user, save just a little. However, it is still worth switching as a few pounds saved here and there makes a big difference to my current account at the end of the year.

  8. 19/07/2018 / 10:16

    Love this post and it’s so helpful! We switch annually to save money and can’t recommend it enough x

  9. Judith Allen
    23/07/2018 / 19:06

    Something I really should look into, it’s been a while now. Thanks for the reminder!

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