Tips For Walking Your Dog In Cold Weather

I love walking my dogs in the Summer, I find it very therapeutic

But when Autumn approaches and the days get colder, walking them feels like a chore

Needs must and they still need to go for their walk

There are a couple of ways to make it a bit more enjoyable for you and your dog



The main reason for my dislike is the I don’t like getting excessively cold

This year I bought myself a super cosy parka jacket from Simply Be

It has a longer than normal length, so it completely covers me down to just above my knees and a good size hood

I can wear the hood up in the rain and it doesn’t obscure my vision and fall over my eyes, it is the perfect size

Paired with a scarf and gloves on those particularly cold days, I am ready to brace the cold

Also, invest in a coat for your dog

Some breeds have low body fat and can get colder quicker than others

A dog coat can also help reduce the wet dog smell in your home after their walks, which I think is a huge bonus

Dogs can develop hypothermia quicker than expected in the cold weather, it is advisable to keep your dog walks shorter but more frequent where possible

For example, 2 half hour walks rather than 1 hour walk


Winter Dog Walks


My wellington boots are my favourite footwear for walking the dogs in the park

I actually have 2 types of wellingtons, 1 thick rubber pair and a slightly thinner pair too

As well as wellingtons, I have walking boots.  I wear these when we are going to a park with a path route. Rather than just across the fields

Deciding on what footwear to use depends on if it is raining and where I am walking the dogs, I have the choice

Dogs can not choose. Their paws can get irritated and cause discomfort if they have excess mud build up in between their pads

It is a good idea to ensure the hair between the toes is carefully trimmed

This will avoid any ice, snow or mud clumping during or after walks


These are just 2 examples on how I make my dog walks easier during those grey and gloomy days

I also find it easier to use reflective collars and harnesses at night to help me see them in the dark

Ensure there is a cosy bed for your dog to come home to and warm itself up after

Scruffs Dog Bed

Let me know in the comments below, do you have any tips to help make walking your dog in winter easier?



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Dog Walking In The Cold



  1. bev
    03/12/2018 / 08:31

    Great tips! My dogs have long hair and always get ice balls in between the toes – ouch!

  2. 19/12/2018 / 11:52

    Bought my Frenchie a coat as you suggested. It makes a big difference! Thanks!

  3. Elaine Skye
    03/11/2019 / 15:10

    Great tips. My dog is called Max who is a Yorkie. He tends to walk less now but loves his new coat I bought him yesterday

  4. angela Treadway
    14/06/2020 / 15:38

    Thankyou for the tips, my dog freaks out when I put a jacket on, she’s a rescue so I have no idea how I’m gonna keep her warm in winter! X

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