Doodley Dogs Daycare Centre

Doodley Dogs Daycare Centre is somewhere that has recently opened near me in Crawley

I know of a few daycares but these are at people’s homes, so this is a different type of environment

 Doodley Dogs daycare centre is a purpose built doggie day care centre

There are now 2 centres in West Sussex, 1 of which is very local to me in Crawley

I recently took my 2 newest rescue puppies, Buddy and Molly to see what it was all about

doodley dogs daycare


The daycare has a shop for Pets at the front of it, very convenient

I went into the centre with Buddy and Molly, and spoke with a member of staff about my interest

We walked round with the dogs and I was shown how the centre operates. Just along the corridors I wasn’t allowed into each room, but there is perspex so you are able to see in

There are 2 large rooms for the dogs to play in, with an adjoining door which were sectioned off when we looked round

This is a purpose built centre so as you can imagine, the rooms are pretty big

There was also some smaller rooms which were for young puppies, so they are kept separately from the rest of the pack

Along with separate quarters for dogs in season

A lot of space and a lot of rooms. Every single one of the areas had webcams and CCTV cameras

All of the floors are specially made to suit the balance and agility of the dogs to aid play

Air flow is also manipulated to seem like outside

The dogs are constantly monitored, and you can also log in to the webcams and watch your dog yourself

doodle dogs daycare

The Theory

The idea behind Doodley Dogs is that they want the dogs to form a natural pack, like they would in the wild

This gives your dog the opportunity to ‘Speak Dog’ regularly and interact how they would naturally

If your dog is nervous or aggressive towards other dogs, this is not the place for them

Each dog is assessed by the staff separately before they are introduced to the pack, so if there was any concern they would let you know beforehand

Most dogs mix quite well, initial nervousness is quickly overcome when they see the other dogs running around tails wagging

I was watching for a while on the webcam from my phone after I dropped them off, curious to see how they would react

Pleasantly surprised to see them running around with the pack and seem to be quite content

I did notice Buddy was panting initially, which is a sign of being scared

This didn’t seem to last too long, and every time after when I logged on, he looked like he was enjoying himself


There are 2 different options for their daycare

Full day, which can be from the moment they open to the moment they close. Half day, which is for 5 hours of care at any point through out any day

The centres are closed on Sundays

I have used Doodley Dogs facilities on 3 separate occasions now, and on each time my dogs have come home and slept for hours

Having such a facility so close to home is fantastic for me and my dogs

As Buddy and Molly are still young puppies, they absolutely love the company of other dogs

This is the perfect place for them to go and let off steam with like minded dogs, and be safe

If like me you are local to either of the centres and feel your dog would benefit from social time, I would definitely recommend it

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  1. Diane Wood
    19/01/2019 / 22:35

    I’m glad to hear your dogs are rescue ones, mine are too. That place sounds awesome, wish there had been something like that when mine were puppies, they’re not fans of me leaving them but they would have got used to it, had they been to one. They won’t even go with the dogwalker really

  2. Faye Reed
    20/01/2019 / 12:15

    This place looks brilliant.

  3. Laura Wheatley
    21/01/2019 / 20:48

    This place looks amazing <3

  4. 04/02/2019 / 06:45

    You are right..doggie day care is a great idea..thanks for sharing this amazing article .

  5. Chloe Taylor
    20/02/2019 / 19:29

    Such a wonderful place for dogs to be cared for and have fun. thanks for sharing with us. Looks great and if I lived in West Sussex i would definitely visit with my two bedlingtons to socialise with other dogs and dog owners.

  6. Daniel
    27/01/2020 / 16:38

    Sounds like a great place to send a dog to not only when they need someone to watch but also for dogs to socialize. The ability to check on your dog from a smartphone is a huge plus too. I work for a small company that breeds dogs called Brookside Pomskies, and I think it’s pretty great of you to take in rescues. Anyone who brings a dog into their home and cares for them is a great person in my estimation.

  7. 31/03/2020 / 04:36

    I prefer leaving my dog at a daycare center to leaving him home alone because he always gets nervous and makes a terrible mess, and that place looks great!

  8. Thiago
    01/04/2020 / 17:42

    Great Article!

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