3 Reasons To Groom Your Dog

Here are 3 reasons to groom your dog

Whether you have a large dog or small dog. Whether you have a long haired dog or a short haired dog. All dogs can benefit from being groomed by their owners

Each fur or hair type will indicate how often, but regular grooming really is a must

Grooming can have so many benefits, more than just less hairs on your furniture at home

1) Skin Health

Running a brush through your dogs fur can help with some skin conditions

Their fur holds dirt and grease as well as dead skin cell. These are all contributors to skin conditions which can be avoided

If your dog is dirty and need a bath first, it is advisable to bathe and then groom once dried

2) Physical Check Up

You would brush their whole body and this give you an opportunity to physically check them over

Any irregular lumps or bumps and changes to your dogs physique will more likely be noticed while brushing

Especially during Summer months when they are more likely to get ticks and fleas

Also, noticing their claws and whether they need to be trimmed. If claws get too long they can become very painful and cause injury

3) Bonding

Creating a soothing feeling for them while being groomed can help with bonding

Their emotional connection to you and trust can be built while you share this time together

This in time will help lessen their anxiety and build confidence in the home and out and about

Starting Grooming

The sooner you can introduce a brush or comb to your dog the better. Even as a young puppy introduce them to their brush

The trick is little but often initially to get them used to being touched. Once they are comfortable with being groomed you can do it as often as necessary

Different fur and hair types will require a different type of brush. No 1 brush is suitable for all, check out which brush is most suitable

Grooming should be kept as a fun experience. Talking to your dog and giving praise through out will help them relax

Once you have groomed them a food treat or their favourite toy should be given as a reward for good behaviour

Opting to have you dog groomed by professional is also a good idea if you cant do it yourself

There are lots of help and advise online for dog owners, take a look at Best Dog Blogs for more information

Let me know in the comments below whether you have a grooming routine for your dog

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  1. Fiona jk42
    25/07/2020 / 21:34

    I don’t have a dog, but I have a long-haired cat, and I groom her daily. This removes loose fur, so she is less likely to get furballs, and removes grass seeds and those sticky round seed which she often picks up from ouir garden. It is also a good way to double check she has not picked up any pleas or ticks. She gets flea treatment montlhy, but I still like to double check as once fleas get into the house, they take ages to eradicate.

  2. Emma Walton
    12/10/2020 / 08:15

    There are many positive reasons for grooming your dog – apart from the obvious, it reinforces positive relationships, trust etc. and is also a good way to train – sit, lie down, roll over etc.

  3. Allison Sherwood
    30/10/2020 / 07:39

    My dog loves to be groomed especially if you come her back with a back scratcher haha

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