Protect Your Furniture From Your Pets

Have you thought about how to protect your furniture from your pets?

I have both cats and dogs, they are all allowed on the sofas

I have often been asked how I stop my pets ruining my furniture, and there is no magical answer

But if like me you allow your pets on the furniture, hopefully these ideas might help you in keeping your sofas and soft furnishings in better condition

Make Rules

You need to lay down the ground rules

Mischievous behaviour such as scratching and clawing can be deterred from day one

I do find this easier with the dogs than the cats, but the principles are the same in both

Tone of voice, like in all animal training is crucial in letting the pet know when they have done wrong

If you catch them chewing the corner of the sofa, a stern ‘no’ or ‘leave it’ should make them stop in their tracks

This is repetitive training and learned behaviour which can be stopped all together when taught consistently

Some cats like to push boundaries, a harmless water spray bottle sprayed at them, along side that stern no I have found the best way with persistent offenders


Keeping their minds and bodies occupied will stop them from being destructive and misbehaving

Regular exercise and play should leave them tired and wanting their bed or crate

Having their own space is crucial, and they should want to retreat there to have some quiet time rather than on your sofa

An average size adult dog sleeps for 12 hours a day, puppies and older dogs for longer

A cat sleeps for anywhere between 16-20 hours a day, kittens and senior cats for longer

3 sleeping dogs on a sofa

More exercise will mean they want to sleep more, as often it is this excess energy causing them to misbehave

Having toys around the house will give them a focus if they do want to play, and your furniture will be the last thing on their minds

Dogs like toys they can chew on, and cats like toys they can chase

You can show your pet how to play with the toys you want them to play with, and praising them when they do it themselves

A scratch post is a great investment if you have a cat, especially an indoor cat as they scratch to keep their claws down and need a designated place to do this

Take into account the size and weight of your cat when buying your scratch post

The bigger the cat, the bigger or heavier post it needs

The post needs to hold your cats weight and not tip over when they are using it

Protective Covers

If you are welcoming a young pet into your family, it is wise to protect any furniture with covers

This will give you some extra time to help with the training, when you are happy they have learnt the rules you can take the covers off

sleeping dog wrapped up in a blanket

Having throws or blankets on your sofas can be a nice cozy addition anyway

They are also great for trapping pet fur and can be machine washed

Washing your protective covers regularly will also eradicate pet odours in your home

Hopefully this will be helpful if you are getting a new pet, or if your current pet is still misbehaving

Let me know if you have any tried and tested ways of stopping persistent offenders from damaging your furniture around the home

Leave me a comment below

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  1. Margaret Gallagher
    28/01/2019 / 08:55

    Great ideas – throws are a great idea

  2. Kim Styles
    14/02/2019 / 17:21

    We use throws and my two have their own sofa! it is their own FURniture

  3. 15/02/2019 / 07:48

    Great article, Claire! I have this crazy fascination on puppies and I always tend to bring one home whenever my friends’ dogs give birth to bundles of joy. The latest one I have is a Corgi and I named him Charlie Brown (I love Peanuts). This post is really helpful and I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Indeed, it’s always an excellent habit to puppy-proof our homes before bringing a cute fur baby home. Thank you for this amazing read!
    April Dawson recently posted…Signs of Puppy LoveMy Profile

  4. Chloe Taylor
    18/02/2019 / 19:06

    Thanks so much for the tips – we have two bedlington terrier puppies – love jumping up on the sofa. Have bought a few throws to protect the fabric and stop them fom chewing. Really handy blog post – I will bookmark for future reference! xx

  5. Laura Jeffs
    01/03/2019 / 15:37

    Thank you for your tips 🙂 I have 3 lovely but naughty cats, we have set boundaries from day one but they just ignore them.. Will need new settee and chairs very soon..LOL

  6. Emma Walton
    07/03/2019 / 18:49

    I have 8 cats and a dog and although I have placed numerous scratching pads and given out lots of chew toys and antler sticks etc, they have ruined my house! My leather sofa is covered in claw marks, the wallpaper and carpet on the stairs is scratched and has holes in and I dread the day I eventually redecorate because I know it won’t be five minutes before they start scratching and clawing. However, I’d rather have a scruffy home and all of my pets because I love them to bits!

  7. Jennifer S.
    11/03/2019 / 12:26

    Thankfully our Westie doesn’t scratch too much and isn’t destructive, but he does like to get his dirty paws everywhere!! Leather couches wipe down easily, lucky for us!!

  8. Alice Gilkes
    13/03/2019 / 23:29

    Great idea and a good article. Many of us love our pets but at the same time we want to protect our furniture.

  9. sandy lynn ralph
    09/04/2019 / 19:30

    we have 2 cats but thankfully they dont scratch the furniture and use their post or the garden

  10. Mel Pennie
    20/10/2019 / 15:27

    Loved reading your article. We have two cats and got a puppy in December last year. Our sofa was bought last June and has been clawed by the cats despite using the spray bottle technique on them, and the dog has chewed the corner on the bottom of the sofa. The joys of having pets . . . wouldn’t be without them though!

  11. Emma Walton
    04/11/2019 / 09:39

    I came to the conclusion a long time ago that with 9 cats, I am never going to have a show home. They’ve managed to claw carpet, the sofa and the wallpaper – even though there are plenty of scratching posts around.

  12. 02/06/2020 / 14:30

    Great tips here Claire.

    Forming good habits from day one is a great idea.

    I personally use throw cover on all my upholstered couch. However, access to beds is strictly prohibited.

    In case your readers might find it helpful, I have written a post on 21 ways to remove pet hair from the house:

    Thanks again for the tips.

  13. Bedsland Furniture
    11/06/2020 / 20:29

    Thank you for the information. I will be reviewing it soon and will let you know if we have any follow-up questions.

  14. 04/10/2020 / 13:34

    Awesome post. I also allow my dogs on the sofas, so having throws on the couch is a must.

  15. 26/11/2020 / 14:50

    When it comes to pets and furniture, consistency is key. If you welcome them anywhere, that’s great! It’s also fine if you prefer that your kitty stays off the credenza. However, once you’ve set the rules, it’s important not to confuse your pet by making exceptions from time to time. Being clear and consistent will set them (and you) up for success.

  16. fiona d
    06/12/2020 / 13:54

    You’re not joking about cats, regardless of how many times I tell our Cosy to stop clicking she still marches in everyday and does the same thing, as she’s got older this has been accompanied by a bit of back chat, a little ‘meow’ that basically translates as ‘what you going to do about it?. I wish there was a magic way of stopping her but till that happens the clicking will go on.

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