New Year’s Resolutions, 2019 Goals

Not long now until we see the back of 2018

I’m sure there are mixed emotions about the year for a lot of people

I have been asked so many times already about any new year resolutions

For me I always start each new year with good intentions for a more prosperous year

So the same this year, I will make resolutions to be healthier, as well as dedicating time to doing things that make me happy

There are also some other goals I would like to achieve

Daily Goals

  1. Eat 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables
  2. Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water
  3. Take my make up off before bed

These might not sound too difficult, but I haven’t set them to challenge myself but to actually achieve them

I have set these resolutions to help give my mentality a kick in the right direction, as all 3 I feel are beneficial to my well being, and will make me happier


Short Term Goals

These are things I want to achieve on a monthly or on going basis

  1. Read more non-fiction books
  2. Clean the car more often
  3. Learn to make new creative healthy meals
  4. Declutter my wardrobes, and sell or donate my clothes I don’t wear
  5. Work on my fear of public speaking
  6. Make more time to see friends and family

Long Term Goals

Hoping to have achieved by the end of 2019

  1. Finish off decorating the rest of the house
  2. Set up another blog
  3. Visit either New York or Orlando again
  4. Build my savings back up
  5. Take another higher education course


Goals and objectives are good ways to motivate yourself

No one person will have the exact same goals as another

Life would be boring if we all thought and did exactly the same thing

New year is a good time to evaluate what you want for your future, and setting resolutions are something unique to each person


Let me know in the comments if you make New Year’s resolutions or do you feel they are just a waste of time?


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  1. Andrea F
    31/12/2018 / 13:42

    I’m going to meal plan and try and cook a new recipe every week

  2. Jo Carroll
    03/01/2019 / 10:07

    I never set any New Year Resolutions as I always think that this setting myself up for failure too early on? It’s nice to have dreams and aspirations though but I work on those on an entirely different plane of existence 😉 x

  3. SianiD
    05/01/2019 / 16:34

    I gave up making first week of the year resolutions, several years ago.

  4. Priscilla Stubbs
    08/01/2019 / 11:01

    I have tried to make New Year Resolutions but usually falter. My main aim is to get really fit so I want to walk 10,000 steps a day, I don’t often reach that goal. I have joined an Aqua Fit class and I do enjoy that, good fun and lovely company too.

  5. Anthea Holloway
    13/01/2019 / 19:56

    You have some ambitious goals there! I hope to keep active, grow more fruits and vegetables and stay healthy.

  6. Chloe Taylor
    21/02/2019 / 18:53

    Great goals – It will keep you motivated and busy for the year!!
    My goals are to continue recovering from anorexia and challenge myself more, and find a long term hobby so I can make more friends and enjoy myself more x

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