My Comping Wish List For 2018

2017 was a very fruitful year for me and I surpassed both the volume of prizes I won in 2016 as well as the value of the prizes I won, with the biggest winning platform remaining as Facebook

I didn’t manage to win all the prizes on my list as ideal as that would have been but I did manage to tick off a fair few which was fantastic

2018’s wish list is mainly focused on items for my house as I am renovating the whole property and its an expensive and time consuming project, yes I am really hoping to fund my whole renovation with prizes and pay for as little as possible

2018 Wish List:

Slide n Hide Cooker

Gas Cooker Hob & Extractor Fan

KitchenAid Stand Mixer


Large Rug

Day Bed

B&Q, Homebase & Wickes Vouchers

Window Blind

Garden Sed

Ipad – newest version

Iphone – newest version

Cat food, toys & treats

Dog food, toys & treats

New Boys Bicyle

Luxury Candles

Professional Make Up Sets


Football Boots – Boys & Mens

Clothes Vouchers 

Shark Liftaway Hoover

Im sure as the year goes on there will be more and more that I would like to win but for right now this is my focus and the main thing I would like to win is a garden shed by the time Spring kicks in, so whether that is actually winning a shed itself or vouchers for a store to buy a shed from

I have a huge collection of toiletries that I have won over the years and I cant actually remember when I last bought shower gel or body lotion, these life staples as well as tasty treats and snacks will be most welcome at any stage through out  the year but not a focus

Some people might think that I am setting the bar high in terms of what I would like to achieve however, as the past year has shown me anything is possible

Let me know what you are hoping for in 2018




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