The Best Way To Get Cosy At Home In Winter

Here are my ideas of how to get cosy at home in winter

We are all spending more time at home in the coming winter months due to the second lockdown restrictions. I usually spend more time at home in Winter anyway, as I don’t particularly enjoy being out in the cold and my skin doesn’t like it either

Waking up these past few morning to a frosty ground and temperatures at zero, I think winter is making an appearance early. While we are still technically in Autumn the cold and the frost have made me want to get cosy

This has got me thinking about how I am going to spend my time during the next few months

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I like to be warm and snuggly at home

There are so many lounge wear sets for sale at the moment and I am loving them. With online shopping being my favourite past time and ASOS especially with their constant sales I have an abundance of suitable cosy casuals


Give me a cinnamon or vanilla festive candle to burn or a wax melt and I’m a happy girl. The smell of Christmas to me has to be cinnamon as it reminds me of my parents making mulled wine around Christmas time.

Christmas markets usually have a mulled wine or even mulled cider stand and I always make a bee line. Not sure whether we will get to any markets this year though


A warm, hearty stew cooked in a slow cooker always goes down a treat. I love using the slow cooker as they are so easy, you cant really go wrong. Plus it saves you spending your time over the stove when you could be doing something else


I don’t typically have throws and blankets around the house as I have pets and they will claim them. But as soon as the weather changes like it has recently, the blankets come out and reclaim their spots on the sofas

We cant change what is going on around us with Lockdown 2.0 and the weather but we can do these thing to help enjoy it. Hopefully you will now know how to get cosy at home this winter


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  1. Margaret Clarkson
    05/11/2020 / 16:42

    Fluffy blanket

  2. janine atkin
    05/11/2020 / 17:09

    i like to light candles and snuggle up in blankets

  3. Jan
    05/11/2020 / 17:24

    A cosy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate or mulled wine

  4. Priscilla Stubbs
    05/11/2020 / 17:34

    I curl up by the fire, read a book and have a cup of hot chocolate, really cosy

  5. Tracy Nixon
    05/11/2020 / 18:14

    Candles, lambswool throws and hand knitted socks!

  6. Sheena Batey
    05/11/2020 / 18:41

    A hot chocolate and a snuggly blanket makes me cosy

  7. Peter Watson
    05/11/2020 / 18:57

    I like to get in my pyjamas witha mug of hot choclate.

  8. Valerie Brown
    05/11/2020 / 20:02

    Shut the curtains , put on a good film and get under the heated throw

  9. Charlotte isobelle
    05/11/2020 / 20:19

    My electric blanket is a must!

  10. Angie McDonald
    05/11/2020 / 23:36

    A cosy blanket on the sofa, hot chocolate and a good book

  11. Fiona jk42
    05/11/2020 / 23:48

    I like to use blankets and shawls, plus cats for extra warmth!

  12. Nicola S
    06/11/2020 / 09:52

    We have a lovely blanket on the sofa that we curl up together with.

  13. Joanne Darnell
    06/11/2020 / 11:32

    A nice scented candle

  14. Annabel Greaves
    06/11/2020 / 12:56

    I love to cuddle the kids under a blanket while watching family movies

  15. Iain maciver
    06/11/2020 / 13:45

    cosy blankets

  16. Richard M Johnson
    06/11/2020 / 14:18

    Hot water bottle

  17. Sue McCarthy
    06/11/2020 / 15:52

    On the settee under a fleece blanket with the cat on my lap!

  18. Jules00
    06/11/2020 / 16:14

    Dark nights, candle lights, open fire, warm drinks, soft blsnket.

  19. Suzanne
    06/11/2020 / 16:19

    Love warming up by the fire after a lovely autumn walk

  20. fiona waterworth
    06/11/2020 / 19:05

    curling up in a duvet on the couch in front of the fire with a box of chocolates

  21. Claire Driver
    06/11/2020 / 19:57

    Dressing gown, pjs, slipper socks and a hot drink

  22. Andrea Fletcher
    06/11/2020 / 20:12

    A warm jumper and cosy throw.

  23. Pippa Ainsworth
    06/11/2020 / 20:48

    We snuggle on the sofa with a blanket, movie and hot chocolate

  24. Kay Broomfield
    06/11/2020 / 21:08

    I get cosy at home by settling down to a movie in my PJs and fluffy socks with some scented candles and a warm blanket!

  25. Gemma Massey
    06/11/2020 / 23:31

    I love snuggling in my loungewear with my chug, Arthur on the settee watching films or the soaps

  26. Helen Arlow
    07/11/2020 / 07:38

    Snuggling up in cosy pjs under a fleecy throw x

  27. Kelly Wheelhouse
    07/11/2020 / 08:33

    A warm jumper and lots of throws

  28. Sarah Ann
    07/11/2020 / 12:02

    With a huge mug of tea, a good book and cosy slippers.

  29. Tracy Newton
    07/11/2020 / 12:20

    I like to have a nice hot shower, put my pyjamas on , light a candle and watch tv

  30. Susan Chafer
    07/11/2020 / 13:27

    A blanket, mug of tea and a good book

  31. Rebecca Nisbet
    07/11/2020 / 16:37

    We put the log burner on, watch a good film with hot chocolate and marshmallows

  32. Kerry-louise05
    07/11/2020 / 17:25

    I love a real fire and candles.

  33. Lorna Ledger
    07/11/2020 / 17:31

    Slow Cooker chicken Curry, our bellies nice and full,

    Dave’s got his feet up, enjoying time to chill,

    Our comfies on, smellie candles lit, Curtains tightly drawn

    And without even trying we’ve got our Hygge on!

  34. Holly King
    07/11/2020 / 20:31

    Heating on and snuggling up on the sofa with my boys

  35. Natalie Crossan
    07/11/2020 / 22:33

    With a nice film and a baileys hot choc

  36. Jackie Howell
    08/11/2020 / 08:49

    scented candles, oil burner

  37. Amy Doyle
    08/11/2020 / 09:28

    Dressing gown,blanket and a nice hot chocolate

  38. Kim Coate
    08/11/2020 / 10:03

    Crackling candle, snuggly throw, mug of tea and a chocolate biscuit or two

  39. ashleigh allan
    08/11/2020 / 11:19

    Lots of blankets. hot chocolate and a candle!

  40. Jo Dawkins
    08/11/2020 / 11:29

    Definitely snuggling under a blanket, cup of tea and netflix

  41. Heather Haigh
    08/11/2020 / 11:30

    a duvet day with fluffy pjs

  42. Carole Nott
    08/11/2020 / 12:06

    Lots of cosy lounge clothes and a good fire

  43. Christine Shelley
    08/11/2020 / 12:26

    Cuddled upon the sofa with hot chocolate

  44. Emma Lewis
    08/11/2020 / 12:33

    Blanket, candles and a good film

  45. justine meyer
    08/11/2020 / 13:06

    Under the Christmas duvet with plenty of hot cups of tea

  46. Sarah Parker
    08/11/2020 / 13:31

    fluffy blanket and glass of wine

  47. Ellie Rose
    08/11/2020 / 13:46

    a cosy blanket and candles

  48. Irene Jackson
    08/11/2020 / 13:46

    I have a big fluffy purple blanky and a really big cat who loves to sleep on my lap in cold weather x

  49. clair downham
    08/11/2020 / 13:51

    pjs heating on and lots of candles

  50. Natasha Whenham
    08/11/2020 / 13:59

    Fleecy blanket and snuggles from my 3 boys ❤️

  51. Lisa Pope
    08/11/2020 / 14:37

    Candles, a pot of tea & cosy faux for throws

  52. Jo Jones
    08/11/2020 / 14:59

    Snuggling on the sofa with a good book or film and hubby. Bliss!

  53. pete c
    08/11/2020 / 15:01

    sit in front of a warm fire and read a good book

  54. Jean Cassell
    08/11/2020 / 15:07

    I always wear thick woolen socks

  55. Sophie Roberts
    08/11/2020 / 15:12

    I love getting cosy by the fire with a blanket and a hot chocolate and a film!

  56. Kathleen
    08/11/2020 / 15:51

    I wrap up in my blanky

  57. Louise A
    08/11/2020 / 16:20

    Snuggling upto my dogs in front of the wood burner

  58. Claire Nutman
    08/11/2020 / 16:25

    With my light changing diffuser and my lovely warm furry blankets…..

  59. Felicity Dunn
    08/11/2020 / 16:59

    Scented candles!:)

  60. Jenny McClinton
    08/11/2020 / 17:51

    I get in my pjs and snuggle under a blanket with either a cup of tea or wine, depending on the time of day.

  61. Jen Power
    08/11/2020 / 18:16

    Love lighting candles for a warm glow and snuggling under a fluffy blanket after a long autumn walk!

  62. Fiona K
    08/11/2020 / 18:26

    With a hot water bottle and soft faux fur throw

  63. Rachel Smith
    08/11/2020 / 20:06

    Candles, throws, ambient lighting and cuddles with my cat

  64. Denise Christine Wilden
    08/11/2020 / 20:37

    I put the lights on the electric fire on to give a cozy glow cuddle up with a fluffy blanket with my cat a book and a lovely hot chocolate

  65. Helen Tovell
    08/11/2020 / 21:33

    A lovely long knitted cardigan is what keeps me cosy

  66. Rich Tyler
    08/11/2020 / 21:37

    Blanket and cat cuddle

  67. sherri Hough
    08/11/2020 / 22:52

    There is nothing more cosier than to light a few candles, fluffy slippers and a throw over you

  68. Nikki Easton
    09/11/2020 / 02:31

    Love to light the open fire and snuggle up in the evenings. Hot drink, good book and a blanket.

  69. michelle o'neill
    09/11/2020 / 06:03

    snuggling in front of fire with my hubby

  70. karen
    09/11/2020 / 14:03


  71. Bob Clark
    09/11/2020 / 15:13

    snuggle up

  72. Emma Craven
    09/11/2020 / 16:49

    Settle down under the “granny” blankets on the sofa with my honey and a glass of something extra special to watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” (yet again) as we love it! Scented log fire-type candle adds an extra touch

  73. Jodi Hill
    09/11/2020 / 17:32

    Can’t beat a cosy evening in front of the tv with a cosy throw snuggling with the kids and a hot chocolate 🙂

  74. Angela Treadway
    09/11/2020 / 17:32

    i put my fleecy pyjamas on and cosy blanket x

    09/11/2020 / 19:32

    I love to curl up on the sofa with a blanket, a mug of hot chocolate and a book.

  76. Emily Smith
    09/11/2020 / 20:14

    Curled up on the sofa in my dressing gown under my heated throw.

  77. Ellie Spider
    09/11/2020 / 21:30

    I like to get in my onesie and fluffy bed socks and snuggle down under a fleecy blankie with the cats

  78. Beth
    10/11/2020 / 12:51

    We have a beautiful wood burning fire in the livingroom that instantly makes any winter night feel warm and cosy!

  79. Ruth harwood
    11/11/2020 / 06:48

    I have a pair of fleece pjs that I jokingly refer to as my 2 piece onesie (oh, people can be daft, I joke and they don’t know what a 2 piece pj set is – so I have a punchline of a pair of pjs xx)
    It keeps me warm and toasty with my warm furry slipper booties! xx

  80. Hannah Wallington
    11/11/2020 / 09:09

    Soft blankets and nice candles

  81. Katie B
    11/11/2020 / 11:45

    I always get cosy on the sofa with a blanket and some hot chocolate, though if it’s been a hard day I may steal the spare duvet for the sofa!

  82. Catherine S
    11/11/2020 / 15:33

    Candles, blankets, light a fire, draw the curtains, hot chocolate and a hot water bottle too if necessary!

  83. 11/11/2020 / 15:36

    You feel very cozy at times when you are at home during the winter season. You feel like having something warm around you or your perfect t-shirt on and sleep for a while. The information that you have shared will help us in getting cozy easily. Thank you for listing it together and sharing it with us through this article. Keep sharing more such articles like this with us.

  84. Laura
    11/11/2020 / 19:10

    I like to put a lamp on and a fire and cosy up under a blanket on the sofa

  85. Alaine Godfrey
    12/11/2020 / 16:14

    Nice fluffy blanket and a hot chocolate

  86. Stephanie Keill
    13/11/2020 / 11:49

    Cosy up on the sofa with son and watch Disney movies.

  87. Michelle Smith
    13/11/2020 / 12:56

    I get cosy on the sofa with my favourite fleece blanket a cuppa and a film on Netflix

  88. Sharon Hirst
    13/11/2020 / 14:18

    Love to get into pyjamas and snuggling in front of the fire.

  89. SarahJG
    13/11/2020 / 21:52

    light the fire, cosy blanket and snuggle with the kids

  90. Suzanne Gaulton
    14/11/2020 / 09:18

    My nicest times are when my daughter runs me a bath on Mothers’s Day and my birthday – she puts music on and lights a candle for me. Afterwards we snuggle up under blankets on the sofa with treats.

  91. Christine Constable
    14/11/2020 / 14:19

    I light candles and then wrap a cosy, fleece blanket around me

  92. Jade P
    14/11/2020 / 17:28

    Snuggled up with blankets, in my jammies with candles lit and lots of chocolate!

  93. Jennifer Toal
    14/11/2020 / 17:41

    In a blanket on the sofa

  94. Angela Muir
    15/11/2020 / 16:50

    A good cup of coffee and a drama to watch

  95. Jessica Jacob
    16/11/2020 / 17:42

    Blanket forts are a must!! With the hot chocolate and films, it would be amazing…

  96. Jodie W
    16/11/2020 / 21:40

    I like to get my panda onesie on, pull the curtains shut and watch some christmas films

  97. Ursula Hunt
    17/11/2020 / 12:51

    I like to put on my pyjamas and snuggle under a fluffy blanket on the sofa with a good book

  98. Jemma Dwyer
    17/11/2020 / 23:58

    lots of candles and a lovely throw with hot chocolate

  99. Jade
    18/11/2020 / 00:12

    Blanket & slippers on the sofa : )

  100. Helen R
    20/11/2020 / 09:45

    A cup of tea and a cat on my lap!

  101. Karen Cole
    20/11/2020 / 13:51

    A snuggly blanket and some cosy slippers!

  102. Sarah Robinson
    20/11/2020 / 21:33

    I put my electric blanket on and snuggle in my bed.

  103. Julia Linsley
    21/11/2020 / 14:49

    Lighting the woodburner and a few candles – a good book and snuggled on the sofa best enjoyed if dark cold and wet or snowy outside

  104. Andrew
    22/11/2020 / 15:23

    Slipper socks and a hot mug of tea

  105. Poppy Morris
    22/11/2020 / 21:39

    Candles and warm textures 😍

  106. Eileen Hindley
    22/11/2020 / 21:52

    Pj’s and scented candles 🙂

  107. kim white
    23/11/2020 / 19:16

    A lovely warm mulled wine and a furry lockdown blanket

  108. adrian price
    24/11/2020 / 13:55

    ive got a husky called sandy and she’s basically like a four legged hot water bottle

  109. Megan Kinsey
    25/11/2020 / 07:27

    I love getting cosy at home by snuggling up on the sofa with a soft blanket and my favourite book, with some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

  110. katrina walsh
    25/11/2020 / 14:45

    A duvet and a cuddly dog

  111. Ellen Stafford
    25/11/2020 / 16:04

    A warm blanket on the sofa with my dog and a good book!

  112. Susan Willshee
    25/11/2020 / 20:29

    I love to have a hot bath and then snuggly up in my PJ’s under a blanket.

  113. Alison Johnson
    25/11/2020 / 23:43

    I have some lovely comfy faux fur cushions & a lovely blanket which are always close by once it starts getting colder. I also love to light candles on my hearth.

  114. Hayley Cooper
    27/11/2020 / 11:04

    lovely scented candles and my favourite fluffy blanket sprayed with some essential oils

  115. Louise craney
    27/11/2020 / 14:33

    Cup of tea while im wrapped in my throw

  116. greig spencer
    28/11/2020 / 09:28

    Candles, throws, and my blanket and lots of tea and biscuits

  117. Deborah Hambleton
    28/11/2020 / 15:12

    Hot water bottle, candles and a fluffy blanket

  118. sue cornish
    29/11/2020 / 08:01

    A Hot drink wrapped up in cozy blanket

  119. Amandeep Sibia
    29/11/2020 / 17:04

    On the sofa with some sport on the telly!

  120. Charmian Filewood
    29/11/2020 / 22:01

    Hot chocolate, heating on, candles lit and cosy cover on!

  121. Rebecca Walker
    29/11/2020 / 23:07

    fairy lights and throws and cushions

  122. Sarah Price
    30/11/2020 / 20:24

    I cuddle up with my kids on the sofa under a furry blanket. The kids have hot chocolate and we all watch a movie.

  123. James Travis
    30/11/2020 / 23:29

    By putting my feet up on the sofa with a blanket

  124. Emma England
    01/12/2020 / 07:03

    Comfy Pjs and my dressing gown. Ultimate comfort.

  125. Allison Sherwood
    02/12/2020 / 06:08

    I like reading my favourite book while snuggling by the fire.

  126. Hannah mugs
    02/12/2020 / 12:37

    Great film on, dim the lights, cuddle up with Bae on the sofa, blanket, chocolate treats, maybe some gin!

  127. astrid c
    03/12/2020 / 07:49

    normally going back to bed xx

  128. Allan Fullarton
    03/12/2020 / 15:40

    A nice warm dog (like a hot water bottle) and a wine.

  129. Julie Scattergood
    03/12/2020 / 16:03

    I like to snuggle up with a cosy blanket or throw

  130. C Whitlow
    03/12/2020 / 18:34

    PJs, blanket and cheesy films cuddled up with my pup x

  131. Philip Hall
    03/12/2020 / 21:45

    lots of candles and a lovely throw with hot chocolate LETS HOPE

  132. Julie Ward
    04/12/2020 / 19:36

    With fluffy slippers and my Bet Lynch dressing gown

  133. Katerina Economides
    04/12/2020 / 19:56

    Pyjamas, sofa, candles, throws and candles followed by a fab film with my cat Archie snuggled by my feet. 🙂

  134. Jennifer Rhymer
    04/12/2020 / 20:16

    I love to sit under a blanket in my pyjamas with a hot drink and candles burning x

  135. Sheri Darby
    04/12/2020 / 20:38

    I snuggle up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate

  136. Patricia Avery
    04/12/2020 / 20:38

    Snuggled on sofa with cosy throw, book in one hand, cuppa in the other…..preferably made by someone else!

  137. julie irving
    04/12/2020 / 20:39

    Lots of candles and a log fire.

  138. Fiona Johnstone
    04/12/2020 / 21:05

    I cuddle up with a fleecy blanket, my favourite book and my dog cuddled in beside me. Bliss.

  139. Carol Phile
    04/12/2020 / 21:35

    I cuddle my big hairy fluffy dog

  140. Chantiece Bates
    04/12/2020 / 22:57

    With a blanket and a hot choc with soooo much whipped cream.

  141. Amy bondoc
    05/12/2020 / 04:00

    snuggling up with lnket, candles hot water bottle of a microwave sipper set which i love!

  142. Margaret Gallagher
    05/12/2020 / 05:04

    Throws candles hot CHOCOLATE and nibbles: already feelingv cosy

  143. Jen Allford
    05/12/2020 / 10:05

    Candles on, snuggly blankets and a lovely movie or book ❤️

  144. Victoria Easton
    05/12/2020 / 10:48

    Bubble bath followed by pyjamas, a blanket and a large mug of tea in front of the TV. Fiancé on one side, dogs on the other!

  145. Amanda j Davis
    05/12/2020 / 15:17

    I get cosy at home with a nice huge fluffy throw and a lovely strong warm cuppa.

  146. Linda Curtis
    05/12/2020 / 20:28

    I love a snuggle blanket and box of chocolates

  147. antonia richardson
    05/12/2020 / 21:39

    duvet days feet up with boxsets on tv

  148. Ruth Amy Wollerton
    06/12/2020 / 00:25

    I love snuggling up with a gorgeous scented candle, a fluffy throw, a big glass of Prosecco and a great book. Thanks for the chance xxx

  149. denise s
    06/12/2020 / 00:26

    a blanket a cuppa and my cat

  150. Adrian Bold
    06/12/2020 / 02:49

    I turn up the heat and get cosy on the sofa watching some good TV or films.

  151. Su Brett
    06/12/2020 / 02:56

    Light the log burner and snuggle up in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate

  152. Geoffroy Thomas
    06/12/2020 / 05:26

    Curl up on the sofa in front of the fire with the dogs

  153. Melissa Lee
    06/12/2020 / 08:19

    I love cosy twinkly lights, blankets, hot chocolate and some lovely winter scents from candles!

  154. Shahzad Khan
    06/12/2020 / 09:30

    Electric throws and a hot drink in front of the Tv

  155. natalie s
    06/12/2020 / 10:03

    Put on a nice film, stick the heating on, wear my PJs and eat some comfort food!!

  156. Susan B
    06/12/2020 / 10:22

    I bring out faux fur rugs and throws and put them on sofas and chairs.

  157. Jeanette Leighton
    06/12/2020 / 10:46

    With a blanket and a hot drink on my sofa watching some Netflix

  158. Janine H
    06/12/2020 / 10:53

    Bubble bath followed by favourite pyjamas, fluffy bath robe, creamy hot chocolate with Bailey’s and a comedy film or Friends box set

  159. Lesley Prestage
    06/12/2020 / 14:00

    Love my candles burning, cosy blanket and I am very partial to a hot water bottle!

  160. Siobhan Rowe
    06/12/2020 / 14:08

    Love reading in the bath with scented candles burning

  161. Melanie Burton
    06/12/2020 / 14:10

    I love to snuggle up in loungewear on the sofa with my dog on my lap and a blanket

  162. Alex McKay
    06/12/2020 / 15:16

    I get the fire on, dog on my lap and curl up. Its bliss 🌟

  163. Kellie Mcleod
    06/12/2020 / 16:05

    A nice cosy blanket and a hot chocolate

  164. Laura Corrall
    06/12/2020 / 17:36

    We get cosy by having PJ days snuggled up under a blanket watching movies or binge watching Netflix

  165. Jessica Barber
    06/12/2020 / 18:01

    Snuggle up under a blanket with the doggies!

    • Stephanie M clifford
      06/12/2020 / 20:29

      A nice chunky throw in front of the fire

  166. Kirsty Black
    06/12/2020 / 18:58

    Wow! I love Neom, what a great prize.

    I get cosy at home, in front of the fire, with a mug of tea and a good book.

  167. Joanne Hutchings
    06/12/2020 / 19:42

    At the moment it’s on my sofa with a fleecy blanket, my norwegian forest cat and a glass of port!

  168. Susan Hoggett
    06/12/2020 / 19:55

    Curl up on the sofa in front of the fire with the dogs

  169. Tammy Neal
    06/12/2020 / 20:23

    Blankets x

  170. Sandra Fortune
    06/12/2020 / 20:54

    A fleecy throw on the sofa , nice warm fire and a candle

  171. Georgie Wright
    06/12/2020 / 21:16

    I cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket and my dog!

  172. Patricia Fowler
    06/12/2020 / 21:21

    Light some candles, get a cosy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate.

  173. Craig Hindle
    06/12/2020 / 22:04

    I get cosy at home watching a movie in bed.

  174. chris hindle
    06/12/2020 / 22:08

    I get cosy at home having a hot bath.

  175. Emma Gough
    06/12/2020 / 22:37

    a scented candle, a cosy blanket and snuggle up to watch a movie

  176. fiona d
    06/12/2020 / 22:49

    Curtains shut, heating on, know that everyone is at home safe. Big glass of chardonnay, box of chocs, decent boxset to watch & a lovely cat to fuss, (she is called Cosy too).

  177. Hayley Colburn
    06/12/2020 / 22:54

    A nice hot bath and a cup of tea in bed 😄

  178. Sarah Gray
    06/12/2020 / 22:59

    heating on, hot chocolate, fluffy socks and a snuggly PJ set 🙂

  179. lynn neal
    06/12/2020 / 23:02

    Candles and throws , hot soup and winter puds!

  180. Lia Burns
    06/12/2020 / 23:10

    With a hot bubble bath, a good book and a glass of wine x

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