How to Get Over the End of a Relationship

We all hope that we’ll meet someone pleasant, fall in love, and meet happily ever after. Alas, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes we fall in love, but then after a while, things begin to go wrong, and the relationship comes to an end.

While it’s always tough to break up with someone, it’s even more difficult when our lives are intertwined. Then, the pressure of having to start our life over again can be overwhelming.

It’s always important to remember, however, that there are things you can do that’ll make it easier to handle. We took a look at some of these actions below.

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Focus On Yourself


It’s normal to spend a lot of time thinking about your ex-partner when you first break up. You just can’t get them off your mind, and it’s torturous. While this is fine for a little while, there’ll come a point when you have to stop thinking about that other person, and start focusing on yourself. This will be easier when you’ve accepted that the relationship is over. Once you’ve done that, it’s all about eating well, exercising, and making future plans for yourself. 


A Fresh Start


Of course, it’s much more difficult to move on from a relationship if you’re living in surroundings that continually remind you of your ex-partner. This is especially an issue if you were living together. They may have moved out, but you’ll feel their presence in every room. At that point, it’s best looking into moving to a new place, and making a fresh start. No matter what your living arrangements are, you’ll always have options. You can look at selling a house in divorce, for instance. You’ll feel much better when you’ve moved into a place that’s all about you, and not you and your ex-partner.


Positive Steps


It’s all too easy to fall into negative habits when we suddenly find ourselves single. While things like spending time on social media websites and going out on the town can be good to take your mind off things, eventually they could become a problem. If you’re noticing that you’re relying on negative things to get through the day, look at making some positive changes. You’ll feel much better if you cut down on alcohol and take a break from social media websites for a while. 


Meet New People


There’ll be a void in your life when you first become single. So why not fill that void by making new connections? It’s not about going on dates (though you can if you want), but just about opening yourself up to new people and experiences. Joining a club is a good and healthy way to meet new people and have fun at the same time.


Give it Six Months 


Finally, remember that time cures all. It might sting right now, but in six months you’ll feel much better about everything, and things will then improve with each passing month, providing you’ve been taking the tips we’ve outlined above. 

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  1. Kelly Wheelhouse
    21/05/2020 / 08:50

    Breakups can be really hard! My first proper relationship ended in an awful way after 5 years of absolute hell, and even though he was an awful person I still loved him and it broke me so much, especially since we had lived together for 4 years. I felt so lost, but decided to take time to myself and not bother with relationships. A month later someone came into my life who ended up being the most amazing person and we are now 4 years into a relationship. We have a nice rented house, 2 cats, a toddler and another baby on the way!

  2. 25/12/2020 / 07:25

    Everything takes it time, when you are with someone for long or even for a short period of time, you get addicted to their presence and it take time to get habitual of it. Give yourself time and everything else will fall into place, great tips. Thankyou.

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