Adult Decisions We All Run Away From

There are so many adult decisions we have to make in life. When you think back to your youth and teenage years, where all you could think about was finally getting your adult freedom, you’d now know to run for the hills. Life used to be so sweet as children. We were free to live a carefree life. It wasn’t until the teenagers years that we slowly started to get a taste for adult life. That comes in the form of the decisions we have to make, often ones that we like to run away from. Sometimes it’s just so easy to shut out the problems you have, and attempt to carry on living the life you are right now. But those decisions always come back around, it’s a vicious cycle of being an adult. So, we want to talk you through some of the decisions that you might be tempted to run away from, ones that are pretty unique to adult life. Hopefully this post will support you with future decisions you need to make!


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The Elderly In Our Life


This is one of the more sensitive subjects to talk about, but we feel it’s something that should be spoken about nonetheless. When it comes to making adult decisions based around the elderly in life, it’s not always a positive decision. When the life of a loved one comes to an end, we tend to run from everything to do with it. But there are people who can make it far better for yourself, such as the funeral companies who will be organising the special day. We think it’s nice to call it a special day, because you’re remembering the life someone had, as well as mourning them. Funerals can be tough as it is, so making it as special as you can is going to make it that tiny bit easier. Any adult decision you have to make based around the elderly shouldn’t be taken lightly, but they should definitely be tackled head on!


Any Big Career Move


Definitely one we all like to shy away from. Unless you’re a big risk taker, the idea of moving careers can be really daunting. You have to deal with the worry of whether it’s going to work, whether you’d rather stay where you’re comfortable, and what the people are going to be like. But to tackle this decision head on, we think you should think about what you want your life to be like in a few years time. If the career you have now isn’t going to get you there, let that drive you into a new direction.


Major Commitments

Nobody likes major commitments, and it seems that society today has never been worse for it. When looking at commitments in terms of long term relationships and marriage, the world has definitely never been worse. We’re all scared to get hurt, and we all anticipate the worst. Yet we seek love and the person we can spend the rest of our lives with. So to get rid of your commitment fear, so you simply need to meet the right one. The right person will make you forget all of your fears, and you’ll be able to grow a life with someone for the rest of your life.

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