Tips For An Easy Spring Clean

Here are some of my tips for an easy spring clean

My love of cleaning seems to have grown

I find myself browsing the cleaning aisle in the supermarket far longer than I used to

The Instagram sensation Mrs Hinch has a lot to do with my change in attitude, as I now find it quite therapeutic. Plus who doesn’t enjoy having a clean home, it seems to make a big difference in how I feel generally

Spring is coming, and that Spring clean is looming

I have a few ideas and tips which I hope you might find helpful


Now this is a good idea generally through out the year. I tend to hoard bits around the house. I use the spare bedroom as the room I put things in, when they have no place to go in other rooms. It tends just to collect everything from new clothes I need to put away, pictures which need to go on a wall, to spare dog harnesses and extra crockery. But now it is time to declutter. I will be tackling this room this coming week, in a hope to either use, sell, re-home in the house where it should go or donate to friends, family or charity


spring clean


Cleaning is a very manual task and requires a lot of elbow grease. It also requires a few bits of equipment. Most homes will have carpeted floors somewhere, whether it be the bedrooms or lounge. A vacuum cleaner is the best way to get the dirt up from a carpet.

Multiple clothes will be required for a lot of jobs. I have a clothe collection ranging from sponges, moppits and dusters, each have their own purpose

A broom and dust pan and brush can be used for multiple sweeping purposes in various rooms too

Make A Start

Making a start sooner rather than later is a good idea

Start with one room at a time. I usually start at the top of the house and work my way down. My family bathroom is going to be the first room I spring clean as this room is used by everyone

You do not need to be the best cleaner to be able to clean

If you really cant do it yourself, call in the professionals. You will be surprised how many people clean for a living

I do tend to buy a lot more cleaning products online too via recommendations, Amazon sell so many products to help you on your way


When do you start your Spring Clean? Let me know in the comments

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spring clean


  1. Tracy Nixon
    01/03/2019 / 14:02

    My Spring cleaning starts in January when the decorations come down! I love cleaning so clean regularly rather than have a big clean less often.

  2. Solange
    01/03/2019 / 14:10

    I like to do a bit of spring cleaning everyday and I tend to get started in early March.

  3. Catherine S
    01/03/2019 / 14:13

    I have actually started some spring cleaning this week; I’ve cleaned some windows inside!

  4. Amelia Kennedy
    01/03/2019 / 14:16

    I spring clean when it starts to get warmer (like now!). I start by cleaning the carpets, curtains and windows.

  5. Margaret Clarkson
    01/03/2019 / 14:28

    I like to spring clean at this time of year, it’s good to get everything deep cleaned.

  6. Annabel Greaves
    01/03/2019 / 14:49

    I try to keep on top of the house cleaning every week but like to have a good clean and clear out as the weather gets nicer

  7. Sophie Foulds
    01/03/2019 / 14:53

    I normally do a big old spring clean in April!! Typical. <3

  8. Caroline cummins
    01/03/2019 / 14:56

    I’ve already started! I find it helps to do something nice at the end of a big spring clean, treat yourself to something new, a few houseplants, new lamp, really cheers you up!

  9. Sinead ORourke
    01/03/2019 / 15:12

    I will do it on the 5th of march each year.

  10. Laura Jeffs
    01/03/2019 / 15:29

    Not a big lover of spring cleaning I must say, it takes a huge toll on me as I suffer from M.E. Anyway, I’ll be brave and make a good start next week

  11. Anthony Harrington
    01/03/2019 / 15:43

    we start straight after christmas and then just carry on!

  12. redheadz
    01/03/2019 / 16:03

    Middle of March, can’t face it before then!

  13. Jodi
    01/03/2019 / 16:23

    With 2 toddlers in the house, I feel like I’m spring cleaning everyday! I try dnd do a big clean once or twice a month. Everything else is just firefighting!

  14. Susan B
    01/03/2019 / 16:35

    I put it off until the first sunny day then once I am underway, it gets much more rewarding.

  15. Katie
    01/03/2019 / 16:56

    I just do it as and when needed, don’t have a particular time

  16. Ema J Lowe
    01/03/2019 / 17:25

    to be honest ive never really spring cleaned, we have a big clean up when its needed

  17. laura milton
    01/03/2019 / 17:37

    I love cleaning but everyone needs to deep clean every so often. I start in the kitchen and scrub the tops of my cupboard as alot of grease builds up here. I love CIF and zoflora plus the smell stays for some time which I love. I also use Zoflora to wipe down my radiators, put in my toilet brushes and a dribble in the bottom of my bins. It lasts for a good few days and the smell is just lovely!

  18. Carrie H
    01/03/2019 / 18:22

    I like cleaning and have got the Spring clean underway already. I also have a “Room of Doom” where anything and everything gets dumped so that’s been sorted out ready to become a temporary dumping ground for the charity bags that I’ll accumulate as I declutter the rest of the house.

  19. Alison
    01/03/2019 / 18:38

    I do a good clean in Spring and Autumn. Its so much easier to clean when its daylight

  20. Linda C
    01/03/2019 / 19:06

    I do a little bit at a time, this week I have taken down all the lampshades and washed or hoovered them. Its amazing how much more light is shining out or perhaps its the days getting lighter. Starting at the top and working down, curtains next dry day.

  21. Tiffeny Brown
    01/03/2019 / 19:43

    I’ve started to enjoy cleaning a lot more thanks to Mrs Hinch too! I don’t really do a spring clean, my cleaning routine is pretty much the same all year round – when I find time. Actually wish I had more time to spend with my many products and cloths 🙂 x

  22. Margaret GALLAGHER
    01/03/2019 / 20:49

    Love my cleaning – keeping on top of it is key – spring cleaning has had to wait – the weather was far too nice to be indoors – I spring cleaned the garden instead

  23. Katie Skeoch
    01/03/2019 / 22:32

    I like to do it when the weather gets milder and I can get all the windows open to freshen up the house

  24. Sheena Batey
    01/03/2019 / 23:02

    I put it off for so long it’s Summer before it’s done

  25. Derek Wilson
    02/03/2019 / 08:30

    We don’t do ours until around Easter, which is quite late for some, but it’s the only time we can get off work!

  26. Rich Tyler
    02/03/2019 / 10:38

    Around this time of year, when weather / light starts improving, clear out of junk / deep clean

  27. Georgina Prince
    02/03/2019 / 11:24

    i probably try and do it once a month just to keep on top of the mess x

  28. clair downham
    02/03/2019 / 11:52

    i try to do it around easter thankyou

  29. Angela Kelly
    02/03/2019 / 14:48

    I don’t do spring cleaning as such, I just clean a little bit everyday.

  30. Helen B
    02/03/2019 / 16:03

    I do it one job, whole house, at a time (windows, hard floors etc) over a month.

  31. Fiona Rennie
    02/03/2019 / 20:15

    I have just spent the whole day spring cleaning my sons room today

  32. Kara W
    02/03/2019 / 21:18

    We normally do ours at the end of February. I say ‘we’, I mean ‘I’ haha.

  33. Julie Scattergood
    03/03/2019 / 02:12

    I start whenever the first few nice sunny days come along. They’re enough to spark me into action.

  34. Jesse Partington
    03/03/2019 / 13:44

    In the Spring.

  35. Jayne Townson
    03/03/2019 / 14:51

    I start my spring cleaning as soon as the weather tuns nicer and there is more light, the house always feels better for a good clean.

  36. Debi Newman
    03/03/2019 / 15:26

    I try and do a bit of a time during March x

  37. Fiona jk42
    03/03/2019 / 18:11

    My spring cleaning is done as follows: I make a comprehensive list of all items to be cleaned, and make a rota dividing the tasks between myself, my husband, my adult son and his partner, who both live with us. I complete my tasks as per the schedule. After a lot of nagging from me, husband does half-arsed job of vaccuming one room, complaining all the time about fur from our 4 cats. Repeated nagging has no effect and he fails to do any other tasks. Remind son & girlfriend they are supposed to help. Nothing. Nada. After weeks watching no progress, I give up and clean everything myself.

  38. Emma Gibson
    03/03/2019 / 18:24

    Once it gets a little bit warmer.

  39. amanda walsh
    03/03/2019 / 19:07

    Whenever I get the chance around the 4 children, I like to do a big clean at least once a month

  40. Eilean Fraoch
    03/03/2019 / 19:50

    I always get so far through the house then lose interest – it would be fine if I didn’t insist on doing it in the same order every time ….

  41. William Gould
    05/03/2019 / 07:56

    My wife is a bit OCD with cleanliness and makes sure we thoroughly clean the house every week, so a Spring clean isn’t needed!

  42. charlotte isobelle
    05/03/2019 / 09:59

    i love making a to do list and doing different bits each day to make it easier! thats how i get through it!

  43. Nikki Stewart
    05/03/2019 / 12:52

    I do a ‘spring clean’ every so often to keep everything and order and to stop everything getting in a really bad state!

  44. Ruth Harwood
    06/03/2019 / 09:24

    I’m about to start sorting the clutter now, the cleaning sort of happens when the mood takes me!!

  45. iain maciver
    06/03/2019 / 13:30

    as often as possible

  46. Carolyn Cox
    07/03/2019 / 19:15

    I start spring cleaning when the weather starts to warm up. My favourite part is cleaning the top of the wardrobes (areas that don’t get included in my weekly cleaning routine), seeing the change from dusty to clean really makes me feel like I’ve achieved something!

  47. Katrina Adams
    08/03/2019 / 19:41

    I try and start my spring cleaning as soon as the clocks Spring forward. I get that little bit more time due to the lighter hours and I make sure I get a good decluttering in and open up all the windows throughout the house to really get the fresh air in through the house!

  48. ellie spider
    08/03/2019 / 21:19

    I start my spring cleaning in January – once everything is down after christmas its time to deep clean the flt and then fresh paint usually in March / April

  49. Alison Johnson
    08/03/2019 / 23:07

    I have to admit I never do Spring Cleaning. I tend to do a major clean in one room each week.

  50. Jazmine Higgins
    11/03/2019 / 01:56

    I find a good spring clean can do wonders for your overall wellbeing. I feel as though I have my life a bit more together if I have a freshly cleaned house.

  51. Danielle Cresswell
    11/03/2019 / 22:41

    I try to keep on top of the cleaning doing bigger jobs weekly but I do a huge spring clean after Christmas and then around Easter x

  52. Julia Linsley
    12/03/2019 / 12:03

    I’m doing a massive room to room spring clean and declutter Thanks for this some useful tips

  53. Alice Gilkes
    13/03/2019 / 23:23

    I do Spring cleaning as often as I can really, although I do tend to feel a little more motivated during early Spring.

  54. Nikki Hayes
    15/03/2019 / 23:30

    I usually do my Spring clean when the weather gets warm enough to leave windows and the balcony door open for a good airing :o)

  55. Christopher Read
    17/03/2019 / 23:15

    I try to do a little at a time all year round, but I have a lot to clear out 🙁

  56. 18/03/2019 / 10:38

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  57. Richard R
    22/03/2019 / 01:07

    I try to keep the house clean all year round but do tend to make more oof an effort in spring

  58. Dawn F
    25/03/2019 / 14:58

    I do spring cleaning all throughout Jan to June!

  59. James Travis
    26/03/2019 / 16:33

    I try and keep the house clean all year round, but make an effort in late march/ early april.

  60. greig spencer
    27/03/2019 / 10:26

    do it on April 1st every year xxx

  61. A S,Edinburgh
    28/03/2019 / 11:08

    I spring clean when the weather warms up enough for me to keep the windows open as I do it; that makes it so much more bearable.

  62. Gemma Clark
    28/03/2019 / 21:32

    Usually when the weather takes a turn for the better as the sun motivates me

  63. lorraine kirk
    29/03/2019 / 10:30

    I like to do a little Spring Cleaning all year around so that I can keep on top of everything

  64. Ellen Stafford
    29/03/2019 / 19:56

    I do a little spring cleaning… first task is to declutter a bit and get ready for car boot sale season!

  65. janine atkin
    30/03/2019 / 13:28

    i clean little and often so it never gets too bad

  66. sheri Darby
    30/03/2019 / 16:22

    My Spring Cleaning is random., rare and haphazard as is all my housework

  67. Adrian Bold
    31/03/2019 / 14:27

    I never do Spring Cleaning. I keep my house clean all the time so there is no need for a ‘large’ clean.

  68. felicity Williams
    09/04/2019 / 16:14

    I do a little bit of Spring cleaning which usually involves decluttering the house of stuff we do not use and recycling 😀

  69. 01/05/2020 / 16:19

    Whenever I clean, even a little, I get a boost of energy and motivation to start working on something else. This is awesome!

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