Smalls For All Charity Donation

Smalls for all is a charity set up to help distribute underwear to women and children in Africa

They are a Scottish charity which operates from the UK, and support other charitable organisations too

They work along side these other charities, who are then able to transport the donations they receive to Africa for distribution

Wearing underwear is something we all consider to be normal and a part of our daily attire

Sadly this isn’t the case in some of the poorest African countries

Why Pants?

Having a pair of pants to wear for these women could literally be life saving

Having pants allows women to remain in the workforce and girls to remain in school each month

Giving them a better chance of fighting their way out of poverty for themselves

The UK government have just passed a campaign for secondary schools to supply free sanitary products. This is to help girls in the UK not miss school days due to period poverty


We can all get involved with helping this charity with their mission

Donating underwear from their Amazon wish list is the quickest way for your donation to be received

As well as pants, lightly worn bras are collected and either distributed or recycled to help fund their work

Bra’s are typically an item of clothing that we throw away when we no longer need it

I know myself after my recent weight loss, I have a lot of bra’s which no longer fit

I will update you all with another weight loss blog post soon


These will all be dispatched to the donations address which is:

108 Buchanan Crescent



EH54 7EF

United Kingdom

I find myHermes the cheapest way to post parcels of this size. As it is not a freepost address, you will need to pay for them to be delivered to the charities head office

I am hoping this post will help spread the word of the work this amazing charity does


  1. Fiona jk42
    28/05/2019 / 22:27

    Thanks for this. I actually have a lot of bras that I don’t wear, but are too good to throw away. I will package them up and send them off.

  2. Susan B
    12/06/2019 / 09:47

    What a great idea. I am pleased to know about it. Thank you.

  3. Jeanette Leighton
    12/06/2019 / 10:56

    Good idea better than throwing away at least you can help somebody

  4. Diane Wood
    12/06/2019 / 19:00

    I’m all for helping to empower girls, education is definitely key to helping them improve their future! I shall have a rummage through my underwear drawer to see what I can find lurking in there and I have shared your post, in the hope to help spread the message

  5. Lisa Pope
    23/08/2019 / 11:49

    This is such an amazing idea

  6. Debbie Skerten
    23/08/2019 / 13:26

    Fantastic post. I’ve lots of old bras that no longer fit. I’ll send them off. x

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