How To Create That Peaceful Bedroom Environment

Have you laid there at night not being able to drift off to sleep? You can read my 5 ways to create the perfect nights sleep it might help

One of my points was about the decoration of your bedroom

There is more to decoration that just the colours of the walls, obviously this is a factor but lets explore more about it


This is how to create that peaceful bedroom environment


This is an important factor and has been proven without a TV in your bedroom you should sleep better

Now I know a lot of people use their TV’s to help them drift off, but are there better ways?

The no TV in the bedroom comes down to the blue light theory

Your brain can mistake the blue light on electrical devices for daylight, which in turn keeps you awake

Same principle applies to mobile phones, tablet devises and laptops. The brightness from the screen will only trick your brain into staying more awake and alert

If you are able to read in bed with a bedside light rather than a TV to get to sleep, you are more likely to have an undisturbed night



Having soft bed lining and duvet will help settle you

The gentle fabrics will be firstly, more soothing on your skin to lay on, and secondly create a more calming look to the room

Those cushions or pillows on your bed, where you lay your head if they are soft and cosy, this will aid your peaceful nights sleep

Comfort is key



Your curtains will act as a light barrier from the outside

As well as help create that soft space you want to settle down in for the night, they dress a window

Blinds and shutters are a perfect way to keep the noise and street lights out, but to also have those curtains softening the look will be more soothing



A colour scheme is down to personal taste

There has been research conducted into the best colours to help with a good nights sleep

Travelodge found that people who slept in blue bedrooms had the longest nights sleep

Fashion trends and styles change over time, but quality of sleep will always be important

If you are not wanting to paint the whole room navy blue you could try just the one wall the bed faces

Making a feature of that one darker wall by adding lighter colour artwork or shelving will help break the colour up


These are just a few ideas which can help contribute to making your bedroom peaceful

Let me know if you have any other tips to ensure you have a peaceful bedroom environment

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How To Create That Peaceful Bedroom Environment


  1. 30/09/2018 / 12:46

    Loved this post! When I move out I really want a grey and blue theme in my bedroom – so sounds like I’m down for a good nights sleep!

  2. A S,Edinburgh
    21/10/2018 / 22:10

    Some really good ideas, here, thank you! I find that remembering to keep the room as well ventilated as possible throughout the day makes a big difference.

  3. Amy simpson
    08/11/2018 / 07:38

    Love these tips xx thanks for sharing x

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