5 Ways To Create The Perfect Nights Sleep

I am going to share with you 5 ways to create the perfect nights sleep

How many times have you had a bad night’s sleep and don’t quite understand why?

Have you longed to create the perfect nights sleep, but just don’t know why you aren’t getting it right

Quite often the issue is with the place you are sleeping, which for most primarily is your bedroom

There are a number of things you can check to ensure you bedroom is as tranquil as possible

Small adaptations to your bedroom could make the world of difference to the quality of sleep you achieve


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Your Bed

When you chose you bed did you choose it for its appearance or how comfortable it was?

You will be surprised the amount of people who buy a bed purely because of its appearance. Sure we all want it to look good, but a good night sleep should be equally as important if not more so. There is no reason you cant have both

Your mattress is an essential part of you bed and you should ensure it is still fit for purpose

We all like our beds to feel different and sampling the mattress before you buy it will help ensure it is right for you

There are a variety of firmness styles starting with soft, soft to medium, medium, medium to firm, firm and extra firm. This is not exclusive as some brands have their own scales

Your sleeping position will indicate which type of mattress you should be sleeping on. It is said that people who sleep on their side or change position frequently throughout the night should be sleeping on a soft scale mattress

It is also recommended that our mattresses should be changed every 8 years

This is hygienic reasons as well as comfort



The ideal sleeping temperature in the bedroom should be 20 degrees

It is hard to maintain a constant temperature in a room. The day temperature will be different to the night temperature naturally

Some people tend to be hotter generally and require a cooler bedroom to help them sleep

Ventilation into the bedroom, such as a slightly open window could possibly help with creating a better atmosphere and temperature in the room

Having the correct tog duvet for the time of year will also help keep your body at a suitable temperature for sleeping



We sleep best when it is dark

Blackout blinds and lined curtains will help reduce the glare from outside lights

Having bedside lamps will help with avoiding using the main light, it will also make reading easier before bed



The colours you choose to decorate your bedroom will affect your mood while in there

The psychological research into colours and the affect on mood show that muted pastels, white and beige are calming and ideal for a bedroom

Where bold and bright colours will not create the calming mood desired for sleep

There has been research conducted by Travelodge that says, people in blue bedrooms get the most sleep

So choose your bedroom colours wisely



People that sleep in clean freshly made beds tend to be happiest about sleeping

The smell of clean linen is a desired smell by the majority of people

Having the room free from artificial scents such as perfumes and diffusers is will help keep a fresh air

Natural calming scents such as lavender will help induce relaxation

You could have a bath with lavender or use a pillow mist


Everyone has different sleeping patterns and not all these techniques will work. If you are struggling to sleep it is worth a try

Let me know in the comments, if you have any other hints or tips to help you have a good nights sleep



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  1. A S,Edinburgh
    04/11/2018 / 23:47

    I don’t think I’d heard a specific number put on the optimum temperature for sleep, before. That’s so interesting, I’ll have to give it a try.

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