Feeling Like You’ve Found The One?

It’s just the best feeling when you feel like you’ve found the one. It doesn’t matter what stage in your life you’re at, at the minute, finding the one still feels the same as when you had your first love in your younger years. Some people don’t feel like they’ve truly found the one until they’re in their 40’s, and that’s perfectly old. So no matter how old you are, or how long you’ve been with this particular person, or who they even are, you want to make it last for the rest of your life. You want to try and make sure those butterflies are floating around in your tummy until the end of time. But unfortunately, some of us know that that feeling soon fades away, and the person you thought was the one, can slowly slip away from you because that spark just dies down. But that’s only because we feel people get too comfortable in their relationships, especially after a few years have passed by. So if you feel like you’ve found the one, we’re going to give you some great tips that will show you how you can make that relationship last forever!

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Let The Treats Flow


So when you first get into a relationship, it’s easy for it to feel like such a whirlwind. You might always be going out, they might always be buying you presents, and it can just feel like such a thrill. But once that honeymoon period is over, that can all die down. So our top tips, is to make sure that the treats keep on flowing, and not just at special occasions. It doesn’t have to be every single day, but at least once a month you should think about surprising each other! So maybe think about something cute, like a personalised gift. You can’t really go wrong with one of those, because it just feels so much more special than your average box of chocolates. But don’t get us wrong, if a box of chocolates is all you can afford, then the person receiving them will definitely appreciate them!


Date Rules


We don’t mean rules to the date, we just mean that you have to keep that dating part of your relationship alive. It’s so easy to settle into the routine of just going round to each others houses, or perhaps going for a casual meal every so often. But this is one of the reasons why a relationship can become so stale. So make a rule that you have to have a proper date once or twice a month, depending on what your finances will allow. It will help to get you out the house and having some fun, and keeping that spark alive.


Communication Essentials


Communication is key, and it’s one of the biggest reasons for relationship breakdowns. Even if you feel like you’ve found the one, a lack of communication can still tear you apart. So before an argument brews, think about ways that you can simply talk about it first. There really is no reason to shout and rant at each other, we just let ourselves get to the point where that’s happening!


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  1. Susan B
    05/10/2019 / 07:38

    A short but helpful and effective list of suggestions. Communication is ‘one of the keys’ to effective relationships in all areas of life but is ‘the key’ in personal relationships.

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