6 Trick Or Treating Alternatives At Halloween

I have 6 trick or treating alternatives at halloween as I think things will be different this year

Trick or treating our neighbours probably wont be so welcome

I imagine people to be irritated, especially those who are vulnerable or high risk being less welcoming of trick or treaters

I know a lot of families who dress up with their children and knock on neighbours doors. If this is a tradition you and your family do and you are thinking of other ways to recognise halloween, I have some ideas to help

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Family Party

Staying at home can be made fun by throwing a little family party

You can decorate your house and have a halloween party playlist playing in the back ground. Even make some yummy halloween party food

Movie Night

Maybe a full blown party isn’t an option but a movie night could be more you kind of night

I did post a list of halloween movies worth watching, some family friendly ones too. Some spooky snacks could be served as well


Spend the evening making your own halloween themes crafts

Paper mache pumpkins, or pre-made pumpkins which you can give a total make over to. Save these and decorate your house with them the following year

Scavenger Hunt

A bit like an Easter egg hunt round your local neighbour hood

You could make a list of items to find around the area and spend your time going round collecting them. You could include conkers, acorns and leaves of specific colours

Bake Off

Buy some halloween themed cookie cutters and make some cookies or biscuits. Make a little competition for the best looking and best tasting cookies

There are lots of pumpkin recipes for sweet treats which you could enjoy baking together and enjoy together after

Games Night

An alternative to pin the tail on the donkey, pin the skull on the skeleton or similar. A halloween version of twister, check out Party Delights version called Bend & Twist

Do some apple bobbing. Probably best to keep that as a garden game as it tends to get a bit messy

Hopefully these 6 trick and treating alternatives at halloween will help you decide what you want to do this halloween

I would love to know if you have anything else you are planning to do or you do as a tradition. Let me know in the comments below

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