I’ve Monetised My Blog. Now What?

I’ve monetised my blog. Now what do I need to do next?

It is an exciting moment when you discover that your blog has turned into a source of income.

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Even though your blog may not make you a millionaire overnight, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan your next step. Monetising your digital presence opens a vast range of business opportunities that you’ll need to study carefully.

Whether you want to become a full-time blogger in the future or you’re wondering how to boost your blog’s profit, you have to consider your next step. 



Build a meaningful audience profile

Typically, when your blog makes money, it’s time to become more strategic about your target audience.

The reason why a blog is earning an income is that it attracts a large volume of visits. Even if you choose to use affiliate networks for marketing or promotional displays. It’s essential to understand how your blog audience plays a role in your income.

If you display ads, for instance, by joining the Google Display Network , you can get paid each time the ads appear. The more readers you have, the more often the ads appear, and the more you get paid. In other words, you want to profile your readership. 


You can also use the information on your audience to reach out to potential clients for sponsored content. It makes sense to create a partner relationship with your clients, so you can continue to serve paid content that is relevant to your audience.

Additionally, recurring sponsorships will secure your income in the long term. 


Consider business investments

When your blog starts making money, you may require assistance in preparing for your personal tax.

Most people are inexperienced when it comes to self-assessment taxes, as if you’re employed, your taxes are automatically deducted from your wages. Depending on how much money you receive from the blog, you may be expected to make a payment to the HMRC – however, it isn’t necessary if you’ve earned less than £1,000 from your blog.

Interestingly, you can also keep your tax return low by using tax deduction regulations to invest in your blog. For instance, the cost of a new logo or new server services can be deducted.

In short, you can make your blog better on a budget. 


Have a pitch ready

As a blogger, you can pitch your online skills to businesses.

Some clients may want you to write guest posts on their website or to become a brand influencer on social media. Businesses are always on the look for bloggers to elevate their marketing pitch. You can use your blog to secure a side hustle job, sharing relevant web traffic data to demonstrate your expertise.

Google Analytics is an excellent source of free information about your blog. Get familiar with the interface to find out how to use cohort analysis tools and location tabs. There’s more to know about your blog than the volume of visits. Figuring out if readers frequently come back or where they are based can help position yourself as a professional blogger to new businesses. 


I’ve Monetised My Blog. Now What? Well even as a side hustle, your blog can be a reliable source of income. Both as a platform for paid content and as a portfolio for your blogging expertise.

If you are going to grow your profits, you need to make sure you get a good understanding of how your income affects your taxes. Want to pay less tax for your blog?

You may want to consider turning your side hustle into a limited company. 

*this is a collaborative post

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  1. 08/12/2020 / 14:01

    Very informative and useful blog on monetization.

  2. 28/12/2020 / 22:01

    This is something that is always on my mind. It’s hard to know when the right time to do it is – when you might stop having imposer syndrome and in my case the constant feeling that the blog needs to be just perfect before you monetise it. I think there is no such thing as perfection, so it’s a good idea to just prepare for it and go for it! 🙂 Thanks for this post 🙂
    jo recently posted…2021 – Our year to shine or should we just carry on as normal?My Profile

  3. 09/01/2021 / 22:02

    This is such a good post! There are always steps to take after monetising, I need to start pitching!

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