Revolution Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes

I have been using my Revolution Beauty eyeshadow palettes more and more over lockdown

My make up stash is pretty huge, I have an abundance of brands and styles

Having had more time on my hands recently I took to having a bit of a sort out. Make up does have expiry dates but I am not the type of girl to just throw it away especially if it still seems fine to use

The only things I typically throw away when there is still product left are liquids. Mascaras and liquid eyeliners mainly. These can become less usable once they have been opened for a while as they get clumpy. I find they don’t apply as well once they get like that

One brand I have notice all seems to remain in really good condition is the Revolution palettes. The colour pans never crumble or spoil

These are some of my favourites

3 revolution beauty eyeshadow palettes stacked on top of each other and spread out like a fan

Revolution Beauty

There are 5 brands which fall under the Revolution Beauty umbrella

Revolution itself, which is formally called Make Up Revolution. This was the original line for Revolution

Revolution Pro, which is aimed at having a more sophisticated edge. Maybe looking to appeal to a specific look favoured amongst their audience

I Heart Revolution, this is all the fun and playful products with quirky packaging

Revolution Skincare, speaks for itself. This is the skincare range

Make Up Obsession is their feel good edition. Power palettes and hand bag must haves

eyeshadow palette open showing the colous

The fierce wild animal palette has intense bolds as well as more natural nudes

eyeshadow palette open to show the colours

This is said to be a dupe of the Huda beauty New Nude. I can see the similarities and I can also see the sparkle. These colours are very sultry and the name Romance palette sums this up perfectly. I love it

an eyeshadow palette opened up showing the colours

Courage is another of the wild animal palettes and this is a perfect earthy tone collection. The subtle pops of colour can be achieved as well as a more natural look


It is such an affordable brand. I don’t think I have ever spent anymore than £20 on one of their multi palettes. Which in comparison to some brands they smallest duo can cost more than that

All of these are less than £15 and the wild animal ones are currently in the sale. Depending on when you are reading this (written August 2020)

I usually buy the ones which have a variety of shades. Most of the influencer and blogger collaboration palettes are an absolute bargain for the amount of shades they contain

But also any packaging that really stands out for me often sneaks into my basket for checkout. Despite Revolution being sold in my local Superdrug store I still tend to shop online for them. Mainly because of the sale products

I have a lot more Revolution Beauty products but I thought these palettes would be worth letting you know about if you are looking for long lasting make up

Top tip with using these palettes is, if you want the colour to be intense, wet your eyeshadow brush first

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  1. 25/08/2020 / 15:29

    Revolution is one of my absolute fave brands as it’s all cruelty-free and most of it is vegan. Thanks for letting me know about the sale, I just got that wild animal palette for £5 which is an absolute bargain!
    Jenni Fielding recently posted…The best vegan dishwashing blocksMy Profile

  2. 04/09/2020 / 13:32

    I love this brand. They’re eyeshadow palettes are great and as good as some of the more luxury alternatives I own. One of my favourite products through by this brand is their banana powder. I didn’t think I had the right skin tone for it but I tried it and it’s my favourite face powder ever! I’m looking to try their eyebrow pomade next but not sure which shade to go for.

  3. Sheena Batey
    08/09/2020 / 07:09

    They are all very different . I stick to the same colours so it would be good for me to branch out a bit

  4. ashleigh allan
    08/09/2020 / 08:05

    These look great and good value for money too!

  5. Sally Collingwood
    08/09/2020 / 09:57

    These look good!

  6. Margaret Gallagher
    08/09/2020 / 11:23

    Always so much choice – always great value and staying power too

  7. Bryan Murphy
    08/09/2020 / 13:07

    These palattes have some very unusual colours in them, very interesting

  8. Joanne smith
    08/09/2020 / 22:07

    Love that it’s affordable, especially in these times

  9. Charlotte isobelle
    09/09/2020 / 19:50

    The fierce wild is my fave, I love some nudes as well as glitter so perfect!

  10. Sophie Dawson
    12/09/2020 / 03:27

    I really like the look of the pallets, I will definitely be trying the dupe of Huda Beauty’s New Nude – Darling is a beautiful rose gold!

  11. Fiona jk42
    16/09/2020 / 22:36

    I’ve never really been a fan of palettes, as with those that I have bought in the past, I tend to use certain colours, and not use other colours at all.

  12. Leanne Pearson
    21/09/2020 / 14:36

    The packaging makes me happy! And the inside pallette doesn’t disappoint

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