Lacura Autumnal Eye Shadow Palettes

During my weekly shop in Aldi I came across these new Lacura autumnal eye shadow palettes, and I am obsessed

I love it when I stumble across new Lacura gems. I have so many Lacura products in my make up collection and the quality has always been great

These 3 new palettes and their stunning autumnal colours are everything you need for this season

At the bargain price of £5.99 each, they will literally fly off the shelves. Make sure you grab them while you can

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Moon Dust Palette

Is bringing us all the cosmic colours and their quirky names to match

Very warm tones with an evenly split mixture of mats and metallics. A very universal colour collection. There is not 1 colour in there that I wouldn’t reach for to create an autumn look with

I think this one of the 3 provides the most diverse colour selection, as I feel this could work all year round

Milky way and Zodiac are the 2 I have used from this palette the most so far


lacura moon dust eyeshadow palette open showing the colours of the pans


Desert Rain Eye Shadow

This is totally an earthy palette

Nudes and neutrals to take you all through the seasons not just autumn. A very warm collection of colours and I love that it has both a very light colour and an extreme dark colour

The night sky black is a great colour to use this season to make that smokey eye look more intense. I find you rarely get a black pan with in a palette so thats a really good selling point to this one

For me I find that a lot of the colours are a bit too similar, but still a nice addition either way

aldi's lacura desert rain eye shadow palette open showing the colour of the pans

Revival Palette

The prettiest of all the palettes with the most feminine tones

I think a pinky nude is a colour most people can get on board with and this palette is just that

Some stunning matt shades and some nude shimmers which compliment each other nicely. A bit more of a racy palette and I feel this can bring a lot more diversity if you are really creative with your eye shadow application

aldi's lacura revival eyeshadow palette open showing the colour of the pans


All 3 palettes have 14 pans of buttery smooth, blend-able eyeshadows. Each has it own mirror and a double ended brush, which itself is fantastic quality

None of the colours are particularly strong on wear, so ensure you wet your brush to pick up the strength or the colour for intensification. Or just keep adding as they are easy to build up and blend

The Lacura eyes hadow palettes are covered with a smooth velvety soft exterior and the casing feels very robust. It doesn’t seem like any corners were cut to create these in-expensive palettes and there seems to compromise on quality

They also sport the cruelty free badge, and are suitable for vegans

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3 lacura autumnal eyeshadow palettes laid out with the lids open so you can see the colours

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  1. Steph
    19/10/2020 / 09:12

    I picked them up in my Aldi after reading this. I like the desert one

  2. Emma England
    28/10/2020 / 09:48

    I am blown away that these are from Aldi!! What a bargain! They look really expensive too.

  3. Susan B
    31/10/2020 / 11:45

    I absolutely love Lacura products. Why doesn’t everyone use them? Effective, affordable and ethical. Will keep my eye out for these.

  4. Alex McKay
    01/11/2020 / 10:57

    Ive never aeen these Lacura products, but i like your write up and the colours, so will definitely go and check them out.

  5. Mandy
    08/11/2020 / 08:16

    I managed to find them at an Aldi local to me. After reading this. There was only Desert left and I love it so much an absolute bargain for the lovely colours. Thanks for these reviews I bought a few things you have recommended now x

  6. Charlotte F
    02/12/2020 / 18:19

    Moon dust looks amazing! I never have any luck finding these in my local Aldi

  7. Melissa Lee
    06/12/2020 / 07:28

    Ooh I wish I had seen these when I went shopping! I love the selection of colours

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