Time Could Be Your Best Money Asset

In the modern day and age, not a lot of us have free time on our hands

It’s something our kids have in spades, but when you’re a kid, you’re not too worried about the money in the bank! So you’ve got to cut yourself some time here and there, as it could be the best asset you have for building a good financial portfolio, or even just a padded out savings account

So here’s a few reasons why you should spend more time focused on the revenue coming in and out of your house


Time Could Be Your Best Money Asset



Value Your Time Better


If you work on a freelance rate, that is. When you’re working in a freelance capacity, either as a writer or an unskilled laborer, you’re going to be charging based on two variables: each word you tap out, and the time it takes you to complete a job. After all, even minimum wage applies to those who are self employed, so that’s something to expect wholeheartedly, and you can up and down your rates as you choose.


So if you’re working to feed both yourself and your family, be sure to properly value your time and the work you do within it, and start charging accordingly. Maybe a dollar or two per word, with the confidence to ask that from someone, or a couple of extra thousand if you’re putting someone’s new house together and they’re expecting an extra room on the ground floor – your hourly rate should demand that for a whole new additional living space to be carefully and accurately constructed!


More Time Means More Opportunity


It’s a small point, but it’s an important one. If you’ve got the time to sit down and focus, you can properly weigh up the pros and cons of what revenue streams you depend on right now. And not only that, but you can turn your mind to greener pastures, and have the right focus to understand and invest in these new methods.


Even a Spare Hour or So Can Make You Money


There’s quite a few ways you can make fast money, and a lot of people are looking into how to make extra cash in their spare time. Often known as a side hustle, if you’ve got a second revenue stream, no matter how small, you’re doing better in terms of time and money than someone who puts in 8 hours at a job, five times a week.


So be sure that you’re using the spare time you have to think about your cash options, and just how much work you can fit into an hour with just a wifi connection and no interruptions. It’s easy time you can scrounge up, and it has a huge impact on your bank balance.


Time is often your best money asset, as you always need time to make money. It rarely generates by itself after all, not until you have the time to sit down and put your investment skills to good use!


*this is a collaborative post


  1. bev
    01/12/2018 / 08:44

    Very good article and very true! Time is valuable.

  2. bev
    08/12/2018 / 08:15

    If only you could buy time – it’s in very short supply for me at the minute!

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