Make Money From Your Shopping Receipts

We all want to make more money

I have a very quick and easy way to make a little extra

Now this amount wont be life changing, but it might make a difference when you most need it

Scanning your paper shopping receipts, yes thats right the ones that usually we just disregard. They could be making you some extra money

The way I do this is through mobile apps

There are two different mobile apps that are free to download, which I use to make money from my shopping receipts


Receipt Hog

You simply take a photo of your receipt on the app where prompted

The photo gets processed and you are then awarded coins based on the receipt information

You get 5 coins for a receipt of less than £10, and 10 coins for £10 to £50

Scan a receipt for pretty much anywhere, excluding cinema. You wont be awarded any coins for your cinema receipts

However, there are anomalies and promotions

Sometimes you may be awarded extra coins for specific receipts depending where you have shopped

Also, there are bonus shops which get you a free spin on the fruit machine

You will be told when these spins have been awarded. The notifications will appear on the app until you have taken your spins

When you spin the fruit machine you will be awarded more coins based on the combination of images lined up

You can also win actual cash rather than coins too

I have only ever got coins though

The more receipts you upload the quicker you ‘level up’ in the app

When you hit a certain amount of coins you can with draw them as either cash or a voucher

Cash can be through paypal or a pre-paid master card

Vouchers are Amazon 



The concept is exactly the same as Receipt Hog 

You scan your receipts

Each receipt has a ‘value’ which in turn earns you tokens

These tokens can be exchanged for cash or vouchers

Again, the more receipts you upload the more tokens you will earn

Make sure you upload them within 7 days for them to count

To earn bonus tokens, complete the in-app surveys

Surveys take a minute or two and easy to do, these earn you more tokens and scratch cards

The scratch cards will contain more tokens or sometimes nothing

Shoppix give you a referral code you can share with up to 8 people

Each time they sign up with your code, you get 200 points

My referral code is 71CCM7R if you would like to use it and get yourself 200 token sign up bonus too


Both apps are really quick and easy to use

Just remember to scan your receipts as soon as possible

Also the same receipts can be scan on both apps

Do you already do this to earn some extra money? Let me know in the comments if there are any more apps worth using too


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make money from shopping receipts




  1. bev
    09/12/2018 / 08:46

    Sounds interesting – I think I’d be the type to forget half the time though!

  2. A S,Edinburgh
    15/12/2018 / 17:53

    I keep meaning to try these. I’m sure I’d find them easy enough to use once I’d got into the habit. Thanks for the explanation of them, that’s really helpful!

  3. Frances
    16/12/2018 / 14:38

    I use receipt hog and have had a £20 Amazon voucher. It took ages though as I forget to upload my receipts half the time. I’m going to try Shoppix too and hope I can remember to upload more receipts!

  4. Laura Wheatley
    24/12/2018 / 14:44

    I signed upto shoppix a few weeks ago with your refferal code, I am really liking it so far, its going to take a while to add up but that doesn’t matter as I take pics of my receipts anyway for scan and shop so anything is a bonus. Thanks 🙂

  5. Theresa THomas
    25/12/2018 / 17:14

    Sounds interesting, I have heard of these companies before but I have never used them

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