3 Questions To Ask Before Building A House Extension

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly struggling for space in your home and there just isn’t room for all of your stuff?

Sometimes, it might just be that you’ve got too much junk lying around and you need to have a clear out, but it might also mean that you and your family have outgrown your home. When you start to feel like you’re always on top of each other and you don’t all have your own space, things can get a bit difficult.

If you need more space in the house, you might decide that you’re going to build an extension.

You can still get the extra room that you need but you don’t have to deal with the hassle of moving, and it’s going to be cheaper than buying a new place as well. But is building an extension always the best option? People sometimes rush into these things without considering the reality of it, and they regret the decision afterwards. If you’re toying with the idea of building an extension, make sure to consider these things first. 

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Could You Move Instead? 


Nobody likes moving, but sometimes it is better to move to a new place instead of improving your current house. There are a lot of things to weigh up when deciding whether to move or improve, so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. If you absolutely love the area that you live in and it’s close to work, you might want to stay. But what if you have a long commute every morning and you live in a run down area that isn’t very nice? Wouldn’t it just be better to move instead of investing money in a house that you aren’t that bothered about? Before you go ahead with your extension plans, think carefully about whether you want to stay in this house for a long time or not. 


Is There Room For It? 


If you don’t have much space around the house for an extension, it’s important that you check whether there is actually room for it. There is a chance that you might extend into a neighbors property slightly, and then you’re going to end up dealing with boundary disputes and planning issues. Legal issues are the last thing you want, so double check exactly where you can build before you start drawing up any plans. 


Do You Have The Money? 


This is the most obvious question to ask because if you don’t have the money, you’re not going to be building anything. But a lot of people decide to borrow money and go ahead, even if they can’t really afford to pay it back. Before you do anything, look over your finances and be honest about whether you can afford an extension or not and, most importantly, whether you can afford to have it done properly. There’s no sense in doing it cheap and getting a poor quality extension when you could just wait a while until you save up a bit more money. 


Building an extension is a big decision, so make sure to ask yourself these questions before you do anything else. 


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  1. Jessica Jacob
    24/08/2019 / 15:50

    Such a helpful post, we just bought a house and currently I’m DIY but our kitchen is tiny… an extension is our dream. Thank you for writing this!

  2. Elaine Skye
    12/09/2019 / 13:58

    Very useful post . I have shown this to my husband as we are thinking about an extension

  3. Susan Smith
    15/09/2019 / 07:48

    We had an extension built on our house, thinking it would help with space which was needed and it did, we also felt it would add value to the property, which in reality it didnt, but we were pleased with the extra space,

  4. Susan B
    29/09/2019 / 12:41

    It’s really important to have a good think about all the pros and cons of extending. Both the big picture as well as the nitty gritty need to be considered but the results are worth it.

  5. 16/01/2020 / 13:09

    I feel it was written by me, seriously the same issues I face every day.

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