What Can You Do For The Environment?


There is an emergency of planet Earth, and we all must do our bit to help to stop it. We have all heard the news reports about the climate crisis that we’re facing. Within our own lifetimes, we are likely to see the devastating effects of climate change on our planet. 

It’s easy to shrug our shoulders and put the responsibility on the governments of the world, or the big corporations that create and sell us the products that cause so much of the harm. But ultimately, there are things that we can all be doing to prevent the effects of the climate nightmare. 

So, what can we all do as individuals to overcome this climate emergency? 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that you can live a greener life. 


Go Packaging Free

When you look at your waste, how much of it is product packaging? So much that we buy comes in packaging- and much of that cannot be recycled very easily. 

While it is possible to recycle a lot of packaging, many products still have superfluous amounts of packaging. Take fresh fruit for an example. There is no need to buy it packaged, but by packaging it up, supermarkets can get us to buy more than we need. 

Opting for loose fresh fruit is going to be better for your bank balance and better for the environment. 

Instead of using bottles of shampoo that might be made from plastics which are hard to recycle, opt for shampoo bars.  

There are plenty of small choices you can make like this where you can opt for a product with very little or no packaging at all. 


Change Energy Providers

Does your still energy provider produce your electricity using fossil fuels? Power stations producing electricity by burning coal produce a considerable amount of CO2 emissions. 

Instead, switch to a supplier that uses solar, wind, or hydro energy. There are no emissions, and all of the sources of power are all renewable. 

There are plenty of providers out there; you just need to shop around. 


Think About How You Travel To Work 

How do you get about every day? If you’re driving everywhere, is there a smarter way that you can do it?

You could choose to take public transport, share a ride with someone else, cycle, or even walk to your destination. 

By cutting down on the number of vehicles there are on the road, you’ll be doing your bit for reducing the amount of carbon emissions there are going into the atmosphere. Now, imagine if lots of other people did the same.  


Cut Down On Your Meat and Dairy Consumption

There is a strong link between animal agriculture and climate change. So, reducing the amount of meat and dairy that you eat can be helpful for reducing your own individual carbon footprint. 

Many people have switched to a completely vegan diet, while flexitarianism is also on the rise. 

*this is a collaborative post

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