What Are Advent Competitions

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year

I love all the celebrations and the festivities that go on around December and in to the New Year however

One thing I do not enjoy is the cost of it all


Win Christmas

A great way to help with this cost is by trying to win presents, food, hampers, vouchers and just about anything that you might need or want for over the Christmas period

In the lead up to the big day lots of shops and brands hold competitions known in the comping world as Advent Competitions. Like advent calendar’s you open a new window every day, the companies start a new competition every day. These can run through their websites directly where you might need to sign up to their newsletter to enter and then you come back every day to confirm your entry and ever more so now across social media channels, this being Facebook and Twitter mainly but not excluding Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, even if you don’t have these social media accounts it could be worth signing up to them even if it is just to use over the advent period

If you follow any of my social media channels you will often see me share post from companies with regards to winning a prize this is something I do all year round not just for Christmas but at Christmas you will see the volume increase massively as the volume of competitions increase this is due to there being an influx of daily competitions from brands knows as Advent Competitions

There are always masses of competitions where you need to include a picture of your Christmas tree, any excuse to put it up early and get snapping

These advent competitions usually start around black Friday, you can read about Black Friday here

They run through December and up to Christmas Eve typically

This is not a general rule but just what I have seen from previous years of entering advent competitions

This year already brands such as BT, Toys R Us and Very have already started their advent competitions and it’s not even the end of November yet

I can only assume it is so they can get the winners their prizes in time for Christmas which would make sense if they dispatch takes a few weeks to arrange being such a large company

If you have ever considered comping as a hobby or you want to try and get a little extra for Christmas this year, don’t waste any time start now!

There are lots of groups where competitions are shared to on Facebook and its the same with Advent Competitions

Good luck and hope you are lucky


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