Keep Your Cats Safe On Firework Night

The 5th of November will soon be upon us and i have some advise to keep your cats safe on firework night

This year with the current COVID pandemic I doubt there will be as many organised displays

I expect there still to be parties taking place within peoples social bubbles, and firework displays in back gardens

This means there could actually be a rise in the amount of fireworks we see and hear in our local area

There are a number of things you need to know about your cat in order to make them feel safe

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Understanding Your Cat

Cats have incredible hearing and those bangs which we find frightfully loud, cats hear them louder. Obviously we know what fireworks are and we know to look into the sky and see the beautiful colours

For cats this is not the case. They have no awareness of what those scary bangs will mean or the consequences of hearing them. Plus the fizzing lights aren’t seen as wonderful displays to cats, but a threat in the distance which could make them act out of character


a black cat showing expression with his eyes on firework night


The way to spot the anxiety and stress your cat is feeling can be hard to understand. Cats don’t tend to be particularly expressive facially, so you will need to read their body language. A cat will try and hide if they are scared, this is probably the easiest trait to recognise. If they are hiding let them stay hidden. Do not attempt to encourage them from their hiding space

Another way to spot anxiety is continued swallowing and licking of their nose

Excessive yawning can also be a sign to look out for. If your cat is displaying these symptoms then the likelihood is they are stressed


Keeping Cats Safe

Keeping your cat safely in doors is the most obvious way to attempt to shield them from the noise going on outside

Locking your cat flaps so they can’t go outside after dusk around this season will ensure they stay indoors til morning, and aren’t directly exposed to the noise

Using a Feliway plug in is a good idea in the few weeks leading up to the event. These plug in’s release the scent that cats release through their facial glands. This pheromone works on cats brains to calm them down and help relieve stress and anxiety. I keep these in my house and plug them in when I’m having any building work going to happen. Always plug them in a week or 2 before needed not just on the day

If you have a cat who is hyper sensitive to fireworks and they are displaying extreme signs of anxiety during this period, you could try some desensitising training on them. This is a way of getting them more used to loud noises. The best way to do this is by getting them toys which make loud noises and play with them. It wont happen over night but you will notice that gradually they are less threatened by loud noises. This method can take some time and patience

Having your TV or radio on in your home to attempt to drown out the noise is what I do. I find they react less to noises going on outside when there is noise inside

I hope these ideas will help you keep your cats safe on firework night

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  1. Steph
    19/10/2020 / 09:15

    My cats get scared I must get a Feliway

  2. Mandy
    08/11/2020 / 08:17

    I find having my TV channel up really loud helps drown out the noise thankfully x

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