Add Miller And Carter Steakhouse To Your Menu

Add Miller And Carter Steakhouse To Your Menu

Whether you are having date night, lunch or a family meal out, Miller & Carter steakhouse is a must try

After recently eating in another one of the chains restaurants , yes I have been to a few of them. I thought now would be a good time to give you my honest opinion

The Salford’s brand is a short drive away from me and I seem to keep finding myself back there

I have an abundance of restaurants local to me as I am pretty close to Crawley town centre. But it seems Miller & Carter often gets my custom

The Food

Well primarily the steak, honestly I could eat their steak every day and not get tired of it. I have never been there and had a steak I didn’t enjoy

They are always cooked how I have asked and seasoned to mouth watering perfection




There is a large choice of sides to have with your steak as well

food dishes

Loaded pulled pork, cheesy garlic bread, smoked chipotle chicken bites and creamy mushrooms are amongst my favourites

Lunch Menu

They have a set lunch menu too, this would save you quite a bit of money getting this especially if you are wanting 3 courses

Weekdays it is served from noon until 5pm, but only until 3pm on a Saturday

You can get steak on the lunch menu, so you aren’t having to compromise the food you eat by getting the set menu either

You can still order a la carte at lunchtime as well


All of the restaurants I have eaten at are designed the same decor wise, so they all look similar to each other


glass of wine

Same style tables, wine glasses and even knives and forks

Car parking at the Salford’s chain is never an issue either, they have a huge car park to the side and the back of the restaurant

Miller and Carter also have a loyalty scheme which you can earn money off your next visit. Simply down load their app and scan your unique QR code before you pay for your bill

Hope you have been inspired to visit

Let me know in the comments, have you dined at Miller & Carter before? What did you think of your experience?

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Miller and Carter Steakhouse


  1. Susan Smith
    13/09/2019 / 22:45

    I have to say, we have never been to a Miller and Carter restaurant, we have one in Ipswich after reading this review, perhaps we should go, as your steak looked delicious

  2. A S,Edinburgh
    15/09/2019 / 06:42

    I’ve never been to one of these, they sound lovely. I really appreciate being able to rely on having a good experience if I’m going for a meal out.

  3. Susan B
    15/09/2019 / 09:17

    I haven’t dined there before but am pleased to see two of the things that make a restaurant visit good for me: comfortable chairs and ample daylight. Looks excellent.

  4. Amy Jo McLellan
    15/09/2019 / 17:39

    I haven’t tried Miller and Carter steakhouse but feel like I should! Good to hear steaks are always cooked as you like them.

  5. Alica
    20/09/2019 / 13:15

    The food looks delicious! I must give them a go!

  6. Margaret Gallagher
    22/09/2019 / 16:51

    YUMMY yummy – always appreciate finding great places to eat – looks lovely

  7. Elvira Oredein
    22/09/2019 / 21:44

    Nope never but I am defo in need of some mouthwatering steak!

  8. Emma England
    28/09/2019 / 08:05

    Miller and carter is on my list of places to try. The food looks amazing

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