Got A Birthday Coming Up? Get The Gift Right

Got a birthday coming up in your family or friend group? You can plan any kind of event and make it the greatest night of someone’s life, but it won’t be complete without a good gift to go with it!

Birthdays are a big event in everyone’s life, and that means you should do everything you can to make the even right for someone you love

Special occasions come up all the time, but there’s none that seem quite so special as a birthday, so get the best gift you can! Here’s a couple of ideas for you to get started with, as you know the person you’re gifting better than this post does!

Got A Birthday Coming Up? Get The Gift Right



Know All Your Options

The first thing to do is your research, as the best gifting ideas for 2018 aren’t going to come to you for nothing!

So look online and in the magazines for what’s going cheap and popular right now, and then cross reference those things against what someone said they wanted for their birthday. And if they said they wanted nothing, well, there’s even a product out there for that now!

Wouldn’t recommend this option, however…


Find Something Useful to Gift


The best birthday gifts are practical ones, and if you don’t have any idea of what to get the person who seems to have everything for their birthday, start thinking about what they do for work and what their hobbies are

There’s always something they’re missing out on that you could buy them to make their life a little bit easier whilst they’re going about their business, and they’re going to be very appreciative for it.

For example, pen organisers, a pencil case, more rubbers, and maybe a proper art easel etc. is great for a creative person who’s always at a desk, or someone who works in an office. Even a mini air cooler is going to go down well for literally anyone, considering the heat we’re experiencing right now. It’s gifts like these that really prove you care about someone.


Get Them Something for Their Skin


No matter who it is you’re gifting for, there’s a good chance they’re concerned over their looks. And there’s no better way to target such a worry than to start with the foundation: their skin!

Yes, it can seem a little insensitive to get someone with acne a treatment for it, but if you’re subtle and work around it with a good moisturising kit or a day out at a spa for them, they’re really going to appreciate the gift you’ve given them.

There’s nothing like being able to feel pretty or handsome for a few hours in a special space, and then get back to normal life with more of a bounce in their step. And seeing as you love them, seeing the recipient happy is going to be a gift of your own!

Make sure you’re properly prepared for someone’s birthday with the best kind of gift you could ever give them!

*this is a collaborative post


  1. Tee Simpson
    30/07/2018 / 22:43

    I find this so hard. Thanks for the tips

  2. Iris Tilley
    17/11/2018 / 12:10

    I always try to find something different and unique for them but must admit it gets more difficult Thank you

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