A Guide to Gifting Personalised Presents

When picking out a gift, you may have come across the idea of gifting something personalised to the user’s tastes or even their name. I have a guide to gifting personal presents which might be helpful

Some very common ideas include shirts with special messages to the recipient or even doing research on hobbies that they have and picking out something special that is related and personalised

However, gifting something personal can quickly turn into a disaster if you’re not careful about what you gift and how you present it

So in this guide, we’ll help you avert trouble by teaching you some simple steps on how to make the perfect personalised gift


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  1. Pick something they’ll really use


Unless you’re fine with your gift being considered a joke, always pick something that they might use. For instance, don’t print out some silly message on a shirt and expect your recipient to wear it on any day other than the day you gift it to them–it’s probably a bit too silly for their tastes.


  1. Do care about how public you want it to be


A fantastic gift for a car-loving friend could be a personalised registration plate. However, the combination of numbers and letters you pick could make or break the gift. For instance, if you give your recipient a number plate with their name, then they might not use it because they don’t want everyone to know who’s inside the car. It might spoil the fun, but try and hint at these ideas and talk about it to see how they would react before you invest the money in that gift.


  1. Edible gifts are often foolproof


Edible gifts like custom-made chocolates and sweets are often a foolproof way to give someone a personalised gift. This is because they don’t need to keep it around if it’s something like a shirt or a cup and it’s often something you can hand make yourself at home, making it even more special.


  1. Get something matching to increase the sentimentality


If you’re getting your best friend a personalised necklace or your partner a new coffee mug, then consider getting yourself one half of the present too. Half heart pendants are incredibly popular for close friends and partners, and a matching personalised set of coffee cups can make an excellent family gift


  1. Mark the occasion with your gift


If you’re finding it difficult to pick how you want to personalise the gift, then consider matching it to an upcoming occasion. For example, you could personalise a gift to celebrate your anniversary or even a holiday season.


  1. Don’t be upset if they don’t use it very often


Lastly, don’t be too upset if you don’t see the item in use very much. For instance, if you visit a friend and you don’t see them drinking tea from your personalised cup, then do understand that sometimes your recipients want to keep those gifts as a memento of your relationship. Gifts that can be used in everyday life do eventually wear out and can break, and the last thing your recipient wants would be to damage the gift you gave them


*this is a collaborative post


  1. Alica
    03/01/2019 / 12:52

    Some great hints and tips! Thank you! I agree about the edible gifts, always a hit!

  2. Chloe Taylor
    03/01/2019 / 16:19

    Lovely blog post! I like to make special gifts for my family and friends… I never just pick up something in a shop, I always take time to plan and browse before I buy.

  3. Margaret Gallagher
    03/01/2019 / 21:47

    Great ideas – edible gifts always go down well

  4. Eilean Fraoch
    20/01/2019 / 01:12

    I like the idea of the matching personalised coffee cups across the family

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